I went to the Dead Sea yesterday. It was a great trip, full of beautiful landscapes and more humidity than I’ve experienced since I got here a month ago. However, there are a lot of things I wish I knew before I went, that would have made my trip a lot smoother.

  1. Make reservations. I thought that because I was just going for the day, I didn’t need to make reservations with a resort. I was wrong for two reasons. First, a lot of the resorts were very busy so we ended up walking around for half an hour trying to find a resort that would allow us in. Second, the room is worth it.
  2. Get a room. Even for the day. Having somewhere to leave your stuff safely is great for peace of mind, and you WILL want someplace to shower after your swim.
  3. Swimming in the Dead Sea is painful. I wear contacts, and the first thing that happened to me when I got into the dead sea was a full slap in the face by a wave. I spent the next five to ten minutes in agonizing pain, and I seriously considered never opening my eyes again. The water will also get in your mouth (it tastes awful), in your nose (your sinuses will drain so fast), and in any small cuts you may have (worse than pouring salt in a wound).
  4. You can’t really swim. Swimming in the Dead Sea is a really weird experience. You can make the swimming motions with your hands and feet all you want, but you won’t really go anywhere, because there’s no gravity somehow. The best thing to do in the Dead Sea is float quietly and relax, then get out before the water gets everywhere you never wanted it to.

I went to the Dead Sea Spa, and it was a wonderful hotel. I really enjoyed the pool, and their pizza. The resort is less expensive than most of the other places in the area. The Dead Sea is a great experience, and if you have the opportunity it’s worth the trip!

Published by Brianna Lusby