According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than six million accidents occur every year in the United States. This is a huge number and the losses are equally bigger. As per car insurance industry estimates, a car owner will file a claim for a collision at least once in 18 years.

With these types of stats, either you have already been involved in an accident and if not, there is a very high probability that you’re going to be.

Therefore, you should know what to do if such a situation occurs. Without much ado, let’s have a look:

Focus on Staying Calm

While this part being the most difficult, it is also the most important. If you lose your cool, you are liable to make blunders like leaving the scene, forgetting to call the authorities, get into an argument etc.

While it is easier said than done, by staying collected you will know the right thing to do.

Stay Right There

You should never leave the scene of a car accident, as such a move may cause you to get charged by the authorities.

Check Yourself and Others For Injuries

It is common for road accidents to cause injuries. In case you are injured, make sure to wait for the medical team or get assistance. It is okay to leave the scene to get treated.

Also, look if anyone else got injured on the scene, and get them the help they need in case such an unfortunate thing occurred.

Call the Authorities

In some states it is a legal requirement to call the authorities in case of a car accident, even if it is not major.

The responding officers will document the scene and create an accident report. This will also be helpful in case you file a legal case by getting in touch with Maryland car accident lawyers.

Collect and Exchange Information

Gather and exchange insurance and contact information with the party involved in the crash.

Some of the information that you need to collect includes:

  • Names and contact info
  • License plate number
  • Driver license info
  • Insurance company policy number
  • Vehicle details
  • Crash site information
  • Eyewitnesses names and contacts
  • Responding police officer’s name and badge number

Take Pictures

If your carry a smartphone or your cell phone is equipped with a camera, thoroughly document the accident by taking pictures of the scene, including of the injuries sustained.

Get in Touch With a Lawyer

Get in touch with a lawyer in case you wish to file a legal suit against the other party. The law gives you a right to claim compensation for your losses, hence it may be a good idea to go this way.

Notify the Insurer and File a Claim

Waste no time in getting in touch with your insurance agent and filing a claim. The process to get paid can take a long time, so make sure to be click and answer all their questions


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