Have you ever thought about what you want to do in life? Some people do- yes, they think a lot. And some people simply lead an aimless life. This is very important. You must recognize your passion, as you near the end of your life. Every minute, you have one minute less to live. Every hour, you grow closer to your death. Every day, one day is reduced from the rest of your life. So whatever you want to do, be quick and resolute about it.

There is absolutely no such profession or career which does not require practice and dedication. I am sure of that. No matter what you may choose to develop your life and yourself into, be it a dancer, a singer, a writer, a designer, or anything else, you need to love it from the very core of your heart. You should feel as if you are lost without that one thing to do. You don't know what to do when you are not doing that. Its only passion, determination, and hard work that leads to ultimate success.

Don't let the world pull you in the direction where you don't want to go. And even while walking on the path you find interesting, don't stray from the road, or be distracted from your destination by passersby, or flowers, or scenery. If you don't focus upon where you wish to reach, naturally it will take much more time to reach your destination. 

The most common mistake that we make is forcing ourselves to accept our talent as our passion. This is because we think that the thing in which we're good, we can only succeed in that. But it is not so. If we're not particularly fond of our talents, then its wrong of us to pressurize on it. You passion may not be your talent, but the real art is to develop you talent through perseverance.

It is usually best to identify what you love at the earliest. That way, you get more time to concentrate on what you love. In my case, I know I love writing, and there's also got to be a reason why you are passionate about your passion. My reason is that I see writing as a true friend, who never says the wrong thing, understands all you say, and is also a patient listener. It makes you feel as if you can really confide in writing. I admit, a writer's life is lonely, but when you actually write, you don't even go close to feeling alone. That is all I have to say about setting a goal in life. Not just any goal, but such a goal, which you know you'll love working towards.



Published by Aliyah Banerjee