What the world needs now is love, sweet love. Sing it with me! It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of. What America needs now is love, sweet love. No, not just for some but for everyone…

Like that little switcheroo I did with the words there? There is so much hurt, anger, and frustration out there right now. My heart aches. Social media gives us a platform to release that hurt and anger but there is a detachment there as well. I believe it’s more important than ever to remember that there are human beings receiving your messages. Are the things that you are saying things you would say directly to a person? If the answer is no, then I implore you to reconsider your tone and words.

But, Melinda, (you may be saying) I’m not going to roll over and not speak up. This is too important.

Oh my God, please don’t. America needs our presence almost as much as it needs our love. But, it may not need it right now, while tensions are still running so high. Maybe you are called to do something right now. If so, great. Be present in love. If not, consider for a minute just taking a step back and watch what unfolds. I mean, it’s been a week. One week. Everything always feels more desperate in the beginning.

In the meantime, breathe. Nice deep breaths. Meditate, pray, do whatever you do that brings you closer to God. Therein lies your answers on what to do next, if anything. in that space, you will remember love. You will remember that we are all connected. That we are a community that is best served by working together instead of separately.

And, if that still feels too hard, go out and have some fucking fun. Everything has gotten so serious. I have a news flash for you. We’re not surviving this thing called life. Enjoy yourself. Don’t get caught up in the heaviness of the current turmoil. Go eat your cake (gluten-free and vegan for me please.). Go ride a bike. Go dancing. Make art. Be with nature. Be with your kids. Sing karaoke. Whatever it is you do that makes you happy, go do that. The world desperately needs that too.

Regardless of your political views, please know that I see you. I respect you. I love you. I am fairly confident if we all came together in love we could move mountains.

originally posted at www.myyearofhugs.com 

Published by Melinda Schmitt