It happened. What has never happened before, happened.

No team competing in the NBA finals has come back from a 3-1 deficit. The Cleveland Cavaliers have never won an NBA Championship. Until now.

Last night, the Cleveland Cavaliers won Game 7 of the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors 93-89.

This video is from the plaza watch party in downtown Cleveland, where my brother and I watched the Cavs bring Cleveland their first championship title in 52 years.

I had to be in downtown Cleveland to witness game 7. We all had our doubts, but we all also had that Cleveland hope that brought us to the city.

As the minutes turned to seconds in the fourth quarter, you could feel Cleveland’s heartbeat race. We were tied. We were all on the verge of tears, waiting for what could either be heartbreak or euphoria. And then Kyrie sinks a three pointer. Our eyes widened, our hands shook.

“What’s happening? What are the Warriors going to do in these last seconds to erase our lead?”

GSW didn’t answer back. The clock continued to tick down, 6…5…4…

“Is this what winning feels like? Are we winning???”


Tears, screams, fists flying.


We’ve won. Cleveland has won.

“Cleveland, this is for you,” LeBron screamed to us. And we heard him. And we screamed back.

As much as I would have loved to stay downtown, my brother frantically rushed us to a bar in Lakewood where his friends were celebrating.

But as we jogged over the Hope Memorial bridge, we saw fireworks bursting from every direction. We saw fans in wine and gold running through the streets with ear to ear grins. We exchanged high fives with strangers every step we took. Police officers guiding traffic even smiled and cheered. All night, the entire city rang with car horns.

We won.

So many of us couldn’t believe it, we really felt like we were dreaming. The Cleveland Sports Curse had been broken. Streets were blocked off and filled with people because we were celebrating the championship win we’ve waited 52 years for. The championship win many of us thought would never happen.

Cleveland sports fans have had this hope for decades. Not just hope in our athletics, but hope in our city as a whole. And our city is rising in several different ways, but the most tangible symbol of this is the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Today, Cleveland is a city of champions. I can’t believe I’m saying that. Cleveland wonCleveland fucking won.

And yeah, I was right. We do kinda look like this kid. Just way, way happier.

This article was originally published on The Sami Fisher Blog.

Published by Samantha Grace Fisher