Building work has unique restrictions when it comes to working hours. Unlike other professions, you can’t work 24/7 or even at the time of your choice. The reason for this is the noise and pollution that accompanies with the work.

The work of a builder includes wear and tear, hammering, drilling, nailing, breaking and what not. All of these contribute to pollution and noise that can disturb the nearby habitants.

Therefore, as per the Control Of Pollution Act 1947, builders have to follow some restrictions when it comes to doing work.

At What Time Are Builders Allowed To Work On Sites?

The government of the UK has set working hours for builders and construction companies that they must follow. They can work from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm, and on Saturdays from 8am to 1pm only. Also, Sundays are non-working days and no builder in the UK is allowed to work on Sundays.

The reason to set these hours is to make sure that no noise disturbance occurs after day time because that’s when most of the residents return from work and are resting in their homes.

Any builder or construction company that does not abide by these rules can be penalized strictly by the concerned authorities which is why it is necessary to work under the allowed hours only.

At What Time Can Builders And Construction Companies Remove Waste And Deliver Goods?

The UK has a strict policy when it comes to dealing with pollution making professions. A builder’s work involves making a lot of mess which includes working with cement, dust, stones etc. Moreover, the tools used in this line of work add up to pollution as well. These include the likes of drill machines, transport vehicles.

Therefore, builders have been given set amount of hours to get rid of waste when they’re done with their work. Builders can remove waste from a site in any hour except between 11am to 6pm. This is the time when most of the people are sleeping and the noise and pollution produced when cleaning waste can disturb them.

Furthermore, delivery of goods is also necessary in the line of building. Builders won’t be able to build anything if they don't have the materials with them. However, this all kinds of deliveries must not take place between 11pm to 6am.

Every Builder Should Consider Insurance

Aall self employed builders need to be insured as they are at big risk. This type of insurance covers for the expenses that might arise when you meet with an unexpected injury or damage.

While insurance is not always a legal environment, it can help you a great deal so do give it a thought.

It’s vital to get familiar with all the rules associated while working as a builder to avoid future inconvenience .

Published by Samantha Brown