No one plans for a car accident otherwise, it wouldn’t be an accident. So, when you are involved in one, it’s normal to feel out of your element. An accident is stressing just as it is scary. For starters, you have to hold on whatever it is you were going to do. Second, you might need medical attention from the resulting injuries. Third, there’s the other driver and passengers or road users (if any) to deal with. Fourth, you may need to collect witness contacts, take images, call the police, call the lawyer, among other things, to help build your case.

The process can be daunting, even for a person who has been involved in more than a single accident. But with the right information at your fingertips, it will all be worth it. Here is what you should do after a car accident. 

Do not drive away

Sometimes, driving away may seem like the easiest way out of an accident, but you should never do that. Driving away might paint you as the guilty party. It may also take away the only chance you had at compensation in case you were the victim. The cars involved in the accident need to remain in position unless they interfere with traffic.

Prevent further accidents

You need to notify other drivers that there’s an accident a few meters away so they can drive with caution when approaching the scene. Keeping your flashers on or setting up flares are both great ways to do that. 

Inform the police

Some drivers have the habit of overlooking this step, especially when there are no serious injuries but that’s never a good idea. In addition to being a requirement by law, calling the police is also a necessity if you are to file any claim with your insurer. Besides, the police report will play a massive role in your claim, especially if you are the victim.

Record anything and everything

If you are in a position to, you should document everything that transpired during the accident. Note down the contact and insurance details of the other driver, as well as the witness information. Additionally, you need to take images of the accident scene – including the position of the vehicles, property damage, screech marks on the road, nearby signs, and so on. All these will add value to your case. 

Notify your insurance company 

Many insurance companies want to be informed of an accident as soon as possible. So, this is the best time to call them and report what just happened. While at it, you can find out whether your coverage takes care of medical costs and, if so, how much more you need to top up. This cover may take care of the medical expenses of occupants in the vehicle.

Get medical help

Irrespective of the severity of the injury, you should always seek medical advice to ensure you are fine. It's better for the doctors to rule out any issue, than to assume you are okay and turn out not to be in the long run.

Call a lawyer

Getting car wreck help from a lawyer is a great way to protect your rights and ensure that valuable evidence remains intact. Insurers want to take statements following the accident, so its vital to be legally prepared before issuing any statement.

Published by Ruby Daub