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Do you spend hours doing nothing and end up feeling unproductive at the end of your day? Everyone has been there done that. But here are ways to avoid the guilt of being unproductive.

  1. Go offline.
    This will reduce the guilt of wasting a day by nearly half. We all are guilty of scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and endless Whatsapp conversations. And YouTube, too. It is absolutely okay to spend a few minutes but nothing more. These may make you happy but they don't involve in the improvement of your creative skills. So, this is the first thing you should do when you have nothing to do.

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    Ditch that phone!

  2. Go on walks.
    Walking alone will always make us think about the things we love in our lives and our goals. It helps us grow. Think of what you want to do next. So, go to your nearest park and take a stroll.


    Help your soul!

  3. Get creative.
    This is the easiest (and also the most difficult) thing to do.
    Start out with a pen and a paper. Start writing stories or poetry, whichever you love. Let your thoughts flow. This will also help you reduce any stress in your head.
    If you're not the kind of person that loves to write (though I recommend you to try that), you can always start painting, sketching and other artistic things. Be it on paper or a canvas, let your heart out.

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    Create wonders!

  4. Read.
    This is the best way to spend your day, I promise! Choose your favorite genre or author and go on all day. My personal favorite is Sidney Sheldon.
    You can also start reading blogs. It's a great way to kill boredom!

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    Read on friends!

  5. Get nostalgic.
    This will be an all time favorite for most of you. Go through some photographs of your childhood and school days. This will end up giving you a goofy smile thinking of all the stupid things you did when you were young, when you were free.

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    Ah! Those memories!

  6. Call up old friends.
    This one definitely DOES NOT apply to people like me that call friends often.
    This refreshes your memories as much as looking at your pictures. Your friends will be 'generous' enough to remind you of all the embarrassing things you did with them! Plan and meet up! It will be a day well spent.
  7. Help someone.
    Be it your mom in the kitchen or a kid with his homework, the feeling you get when you help someone is incomparable. It is a great way to make someone feel they mean something to you. Help your mother do some chores, she'll feel special. It's also a great way to thank her for everything she has done for you. You could also visit old age homes and orphanages.

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    Lend a helping hand!

  8. Visit your school/college.
    If you happen to be in the same city as that of your school/college, pay a visit. Meet your teachers and your juniors (if you know any). Thank your teachers. Give them something that would make them think of you, like a DIY gift!
    Making people feel special will make you feel better.
  9. Travel.
    Exploring new places will top your list once you start travelling. Know the culture, know the cuisine and understand the history of that place. Roam on the streets and capture the candid moments of people.  If possible travel alone (but be safe). It will be a whole new experience. Travelling with friends and family is equally joyous!
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  10. Meditate.
    No explanation needed. Great stress-buster!
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  11. Do your thing.
    Do what you love. Be it singing, photography, dancing or a kind of sport, give it some time. Learn and practice. The best thing about doing what you love is that you will never get bored and it gives you extreme satisfaction!
  12. Plan.
    The last thing you should do in your day is to plan your next day. Make a planner for yourself. If maintaining a planner is not your cup of tea, maintain a to-do list. Works the same! This is skip a ton of clueless moments when you end up thinking 'what next?'. This is also a good reminder of things that you need to get done. Set your priorities.download (7).jpg

Thankss for reading!

Chinmayi Hegde


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