Almost every pet owner knows that situation when his/her favorites refuse to eat. When this happens, most pet owners often become worried a lot about their dogs` health, and rightly so. But before starting to panic, it's best if you try to make sense of the situation and find out the reasons dog won't eat. Of course, you can immediately take your pet to the vet just to be safe. But if your dog isn't eating, but at the same time, he's acting normal, you have to monitor his behavior for the next 24 hours. The loss of appetite can be caused by a variety of reasons from health issues to misbehavior or food quality, but if you realize why the dog has stopped eating it`ll be easier and faster to return him to the normal and healthy routine.

How Long Can a Dog Go Without Eating?

There is not a unique answer to this question and that's why there is not a set amount of time that a dog can go without nutrition. The time that a dog can live without food can vary from one week to one month because it depends on certain factors like age and health. Everyone knows that puppies can go longer without eating than senior dogs and healthy dogs in good physical condition also go without nutrition much longer that sick dogs. But be attentive, even if your dog isn't eating, he has to consume water. So monitor how much water your dog drinks because going without water is really much more dangerous than without food. In the case when you see that your dog has stopped drinking water, you have to contact the vet immediately. Although, if he skips several meals, but behaves normally, you can monitor his behavior for a while to find out the reason for appetite loss.

What Can Cause Your Dog Not to Eat?

The lack of appetite can be caused by a lot of reasons that range from the serious health problems to the quality of food you`re giving your pet. Here are top 10 reasons why your dog may stop eating:

  • stomach upset;

  • age-related problems;

  • wrong or spoiled food (bad quality food or food with a specific scent);

  • vaccines and medications;

  • changes in daily schedule;

  • stressful situation;

  • pet`s pickiness;

  • extra snacks;

  • unvaried nutrition;

  • behavioral problems.

What Should You Do if Your Dog Doesn't Want to Eat?

Well, review the main causes why your dog can stop eating one more time and make the following:

  • monitor your pet's behavior;

  • check your surroundings and surroundings of your dog;

  • examine his teeth and body;

  • look at your dog's food;

  • diverse his diet

  • call the vet.

Soon you`ll probably realize the reason for such an uncommon behavior and try to address it if it's possible to do without the help of the professional. But if you need the help of the vet or your dog won`t eat after 24 hours, you have to take him to the vet immediately without any doubt!
Written by Helen Rogers

Published by Samantha Brown