August...almost over but don't let you that ruin your summer. And remeber,Summer is a state of mind ;)

1. What to see/ Series "The Catch" and movie " The Neon Demon"

BRILLIANT!! The series is new,but fantastic. Shonda Rhimes writes the best series. "The Neon Demon " movie is ... OMG!! This is psychological horror film directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. Very graphic ,music is amazing... Next classic? Maybe! See,so tell me your opinion in the comments.

2.What to wear / Bomber jacket

Kanye West bring bomber jacket into fashion, and this season bomber jacket is must have. I think that this jacket slowly but surely becoming a classic,together with camel coat. My recommendation: Any bomber jacket in black or green color.

3. What to listen

Adele is always good choise. :)

4. What to read

October is almost here,and premiere of "The Gone Girl" movie. I really enjoyed in the book and I can't wait for the movie. My recommedation: The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins.


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