Google analytics which is the first choice of web users for analyzing their data and keeping an eye on the viewership of your website is of great use to everyone. But sometimes you get stuck in such a situation that as you sit down to have a look at the views of your website or the comments by the people, you find nothing over there. This news is in itself really terrifying when you have done all sorts of promotion and campaigning for your site, and it also gained popularity; the terror grows as you find out that you have to present its report to your boss and there is no data to be presented in your Google Analytics account!

If you say yes, then we can completely relate to your situation as we all have gone through this scenario while working on our web pages. This useful software does have some pros and cons as everything has. So, tighten your seat belts as here we will tell you some common causes that do not allow you to collect the viewership you expect for your site via Google analytics.

Following are the common reasons as if why your Google analytics is not reporting data correctly :

  1. No viewership or negligible viewership

If you login your google analytics account and find no visible session numbers over there, it could be due to following reasons.

  • The site has actually got no viewership, and thus it's showing no numbers.
  • It may be due to improper tracking code installation.
  • A wrong tracking code could also have been installed instead causing this issue.
  • Or maybe no tracking code has been installed yet.
  • It can be due to some virus in the form of a filter which is preventing viewership of the website.


In order to avoid this situation, you should visit your site frequently and check on the real-time analytics option to see if it is actually your own page or not. If the location is not accessible due to some security options, make sure to deactivate them before checking on it. If you find out that your own page is not showing up, you need to fix that error or check on the location filters. In order to verify the code of Google analytics, you can take the help of Google’s Tag Assistant Chrome extension; it will tell you if the software is working properly or not.

2. AdWords Unlinked to Google Analytics

The Google Adwords is another software by Google which enables you to connect Ads to your sites and know a user’s behavior. This is extremely helpful to increase the traffic of the site and to keep an eye on the viewership. It also helps in finalizing promotion strategies with the help of results. But this all may remain a dream due to the following reasons :

  •  Adword account has not been properly linked with your Google analytics account.
  • The connection is not verified.
  • There is a problem with the basic configurations of your Adword account or your Google Analytics account.


Now in that case, if you find out that you cannot view google/cpc in your Source/Medium report or any viewership from the AdWords, but your AdWords is getting traffic. That means that your accounts haven't been connected, for that first check if the auto-tagging option has been turned on in your AdWords account. Then properly link both of them and log in again to verify the linkage by checking data results in the AdWords section of the Analytics reporting interface.

3. Unsatisfactory Performance

Conversion tracking is a free and great useful tool for you to know the interaction between the viewers and your Ads or websites. It's of major importance to track your data and keep a check on the performance of your website. But for that purpose, accurate numbers for lead and revenue data are required so that they can analyze the respective files. If there comes any problem in the numbers or configuration, the whole process gets distributed. And if completions are not appearing as you set them earlier, but submissions are coming through, you know you are stuck.


To get rid of the above problems regarding Google analytics data, you need to keep a check on the following things.

  • The Google Analytics code is proper or not.
  • The URL of your site is linked to your data or not.
  • Also, check if the form or link is bringing users to the appropriate page or not.

Correct the URL problems minutely and recheck it, again and again, to verify the address properly. If the configuration of your site has been altered by any update, then correct it back. Also, check if the code is properly implemented everywhere on the site or if not, apply it.

Concluding it

Installation of applications like Google analytics is always a good idea especially for the website operators who have a desperate need of checking and analyzing their viewership constantly. Although, this idea may seem to turn a little bad as your accurate data is not represented, or none of the data gets represented. Problems might occur in the sessions or conversions of the application. But, in order to get rid of them, there are really simple steps which you have to follow. Firstly check on the installation process if it has been made correctly or not, secondly the configuration of the application the application code, if it is accurate or not. The URL of the website needs to be checked too and get corrected in the case of being incorrect. All these simple steps can enable you to benefit from the amazing options this website offers. You can add the basic Google Analytics add-ons to the website of your small business.

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