What to do with the pile of boxes after they’ve served their purpose: helped you move to a new apartment or protected that thing you’ve ordered online on its way to your home. Just throwing the boxes away would be a huge waste, since there are more useful, creative and green ways to get rid of them.

In this article, we give you some of the best ways to repurpose or dispose of old cardboard boxes.

Recycle Them

The first and most obvious way to get rid of cardboard boxes is to recycle. It’s the most eco-friendly option and one practiced by many. Recycling is great for the environment as nearly the third of all home waste is made up of cardboard. Recycling cardboard helps save trees and electricity which would be used to create new cardboard. Make sure you find out about your local recycling system so you can make the most out of your old boxes.


Another less common way to reuse old cardboard is to use it in the garden. You may not know that cardboard makes for great compost. You can use mulched cardboard to absorb the excess water and add bulk to a compost heap.

You can also use cardboard to prevent weed growth. Simply lay down a couple of cardboard layers on top of the affected area. Pour water over it to make sure the cardboard stays in its place, and then cover it with soil.

Finally, cardboard can help germinate seeds. Just plant a couple of seeds in damp cardboard and cover it with soil to see the plants flourish.

Storage and Organization

Since their primary use is storage, why not keep using them to declutter your home. You can store the toys your child has outgrown, old documents and magazines you still feel you might need one day or even clothes you keep telling yourself you’ll fit into again someday. Since cardboard is durable, it can help you store all these items in damp, dark places like the basement or the attic. You can even use other boxes to make tiny compartments inside a larger one to make sorting even easier.

DIY Projects

Cardboard is not the best construction material but can be used to patch up a few holes here and there. You can use it to patch up drywall holes that tend to develop over time or as a result of damage. Just place a piece of cardboard behind the wall and one in the middle of the hole, then paste over it. It can also be used to seal up leaks in your doors and windows.

Be Creative

If you can’t find any other purpose for it, you can always get creative with the excess cardboard. You could use the cardboard to create an ornament for your home, a house or a scratching post for your cat, picture frames, labels and tons of other useful items. Your imagination is the limit.

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Published by Arina Smith