Traveling is referred as to move from place to place for personal leisure, for spending vacations and to perform some job or task. It's common among all of us that when we plan to travel, we do worry about our property like our house, lawn and especially about our vehicle. We commonly use our vehicle for road trips traveling or for moving within a province, but when we move for out of province or out of the country then we had to leave our vehicle behind and had to select some other mode of transportation.

Here we converse about some ideas that you can do with your vehicle when you travel. Before reaching a decision about your vehicle, you should think about your trip that whether you are going for a short time or a long time because it matters a lot. If you are going for a short time; then you had to take specific steps which are suitable for you in all ways. If you are leaving for more days, then you had to do which is good for your vehicle and for you as well. 
Short-lived storage for your vehicle: 

If you are leaving for some days like one to two weeks, then you don’t need to worry too much about your vehicle because of its all about for some days.

1- Garage or parking lots: 

You can leave your vehicle at your own garage beside your home or you can use the parking lots of your housing society. For some days you can rely on this option and doesn’t give you loss in anyways. 

2- Leave it to your friend: 

You can handover vehicle to your friend who can take good care of your vehicle in your absence but make sure that he possesses space for your vehicle. It is good one option because through this way you don’t need to pay anyone and becomes free of cost for you.

Long-lived Storage for Your Vehicle: 

If you travel for some months or maybe a year and if you are not sure about your return, then you should think about long-termed solutions for your vehicle. If you will not take the proper solution, then you will face financial loss regarding your vehicle. Its reason is that vehicles become rusted and spoil if no one takes care of it for a long time.

1- Put up for sale: 

One of the permanent solutions for your vehicle is to sale it. Because when vehicles are not used for a long time then many of its function becomes flawed which results in financial loss. So, its better to sale it and when you return back, then you can buy a new one.

2- International Airport parking

International airports give you the service of parking. You can park your vehicle for a short time as well as for a long time. They have parking packages and each package has separate cost and service. When you leave for a long time you can choose the package which consists of all the facilities like a car wash, oil changing and inside cleaning of the vehicle. If you select this kind of package, then there is no need to worry about the vehicle. Your vehicle will be safe until you come back. There is a Company Parkos that also provide you safely Airport car parking service that you can use to park your car. They have a lot of Parking Options and Parking deals. They also provide Indoor Parking, Outdoor Parking, Shuttle Bus, and many more services at best Parking rate at most International Airports. 

3- Handover to one Whom you Trust: 

One option for long term storage vehicle is to hand over your vehicle to one whom you trust. It is a good one because that person to whom you are handover your vehicle, use it and side by side take care of it by oil changing and by doing car service. When your vehicle is in use of some person then it becomes save from rusting and spoiling.
Final Thoughts

Some people fond of traveling and they love to travel in their own vehicle. But most of the people prefer to travel through another mode of transportation. You should make decisions about the storage of your vehicle on the basis of short-termed or long-termed duration because in both cases the factors are different. This article may help you with what to do with your vehicle when you travel and you can enjoy your trip without any tension about your vehicles. 


Published by Ruby Daub