When Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice comes out next month, those who go to see the film can expect an all-star cast and perhaps a few surprises.  Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill are cast in the leading roles as Batman and Superman while others such as Diane Lane and Lawrence Fishburne are cast in smaller roles rounding out the expected blockbuster’s big budget cast.  To some the idea of two superheroes battling it out may sound strange as usually such characters are trying to kill the bad guy, but others simply want to see the two battling in the way that two boxers would in the ring.  Whatever the reason the studio and directors chose to make the movie a battle between two superheroes, audiences can expect a big budget film with incredible special effects and most likely an entertaining and exciting storyline.

Hans Zimmer has returned to the Marvel movie series as the film score’s composer and has come up with new themes in the portrayal of Batman.  Wonder Woman will also be a character in the film while Robin seems to have been left out of the script. 

As for the plot and storyline, what is known so far is that Superman is a controversial figure in the film after what happened in Man of Steel while Batman is seen as an extreme threat due to his presence at ground zero when General Zod and Superman had their climactic battle and people were lost in the film’s catastrophe.  One thinks the other is evil and the battle ensues based on that premise.  What Wonder Woman’s role in the film will be is not yet clear.  Cyborg’s role is set in the film and will be played by Ray Fisher, however Cyborg’s role is expected to be rather small and exactly what his role will be is unclear.  Aquaman is also confirmed to have a role in the new Marvel movie while whether or not The Flash will be one of the characters is also unclear.  Alfred the butler, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor will be characters in the film as expected, however if Doomsday will be one probably won’t clear until the movie is officially out.  Who will win the battle between Superman and Batman obviously will not be revealed until the movie is out and as the idea/concept of two good guys fighting each other may seem strange, some critics and fans are guessing that the plot may turn from the two battling each other to joining forces in defeating a character such as Doomsday to save the world from complete destruction and for the greater good.  Whatever the ending and surprises will be, moviegoers and marvel fans will find out on March 25th, when the film will be in theatres in the U.S.

Published by Ville Iso-Ahola