Core banking is centralized banking solution that enables customers to perform transactions and access their bank accounts from any member branch. It is a multi-channel application that allows customers to manage transactions from digital mediums such as mobile, internet, etc.

While adopting core banking system, banks require considering few important things to make sure that all their banking needs and requirements are successfully fulfilled.

Identify your Goals

Financial organizations across the globe works on a pre-defined set of goals and targets, it is the core responsibility of the organization to ensure successful accomplishment of its goals. While deploying core banking software, it is important to determine that the solution is designed to meet the firm’s fundamental objectives. 

Determine Application Features

You need to identify if the core banking solution assimilate features and attributes that makes it a best match for your banking needs. Analyse all the features incorporated in the banking application and determine how it helps resolve the banking issues in your organization.

Help Derive Best ROIs

The banking software makes the finance related operations easier, leaving the employees focus on other growth areas. When tasks are automated and completed in best possible manner, it leaves space for other development activities. If the banking application enables the business derive good ROIs, it implies that it is best for your firm.

Best Customer Experience

Ensure that the core banking application being deployed in the organization offers flexibility and scalability. It must be capable to deliver optimal customer experience by simplifying user journey while executing transactions and managing their accounts online. The application must allow 24X7 access to user account and that in a secure manner.

Access over Smart Devices

Nowadays, people prefer accessing and managing their banking accounts on smartphones and tablets rather than desktops or laptops. While deploying banking and finance application in your business, ensure that it is compatible to run over all smart devices including mobiles, laptops, tablets, desktops, etc. Also, the application must be able to run over all major operating systems including Android, Windows, and iOS.

Easy Upgrades & Add-on Integration

Another important technical aspect to consider while picking up the banking software for your business is simple integration. The application must allow easy integration of add-ons while enabling instant updates and upgrades to latest versions. This helps the application stay competitive with rising market demands.

Must offer Data Security

Last, but not the least, the core banking system must store customer information in highly secured databases. The data must be encrypted using robust security algorithms. Also, two way authentications must be adopted to safeguard customer data from unauthorized access.

Though the core banking applications are deployed and managed by the third party vendors, they offer complete flexibility and control to the firm’s employees and customers. Complete authority and control to the application functionality is given to the banks and its employees.

The banks can contact their respective vendors for upgrading or customizing the application at any point of time without interrupting business operations.

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