Losing a loved one is the biggest mourn of anyone’s life. At that time, sympathy from the relatives and friends matters a lot for the bereaved. Sometimes, we fall shortage of words and take help from flowers for expressing sentiments towards the same. It fulfills our needs extensively and assist us to do the same easily.  


While sending flowers for the funeral, it becomes indispensable to consider various factors affecting. Its principal purpose is to consolidate family members of the departed person and not to offend them in any way by sending incorrect blossoms. Therefore, it's better to take precautionary steps and understand its etiquette before sending it for the funeral services. 


Flower Selection 

Flowers are so powerful that it can either make or break your business. If you opt for wrong blooms, then it can harm you the most. 


Every flower has its symbolic meaning, so it is necessary to acquire basic knowledge of the same before you get along with the flower provider for ordering it. Besides, knowing which of them are popular for this purpose could also aid you evidently. 

  • Lilies
  • Carnation
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Roses
  • Daffodils and Tulips
  • Gladioli
  • Hydrangea 


These are high ranked flowers which people use during mourn, and each one signifies differently based on their colors. For instance, in carnations - red colored evokes admiration, white for innocence and pink indicates remembrance. 


Funeral Flower Arrangements 


As the selection of flowers holds paramount significance, its arrangements matter to the extent. A way in which florist assembles blossoms is thoroughly dependent upon its placement and purpose. A mere acquirement of funeral flowers arrangement type can assist you to the extreme for getting assurance for the accuracy of the same. 


Though there are multiple types of funeral floral arrangements, there are few who have earned the highest amount of prominence among the audience at large. It includes funeral wreaths, casket spray, floral baskets, posies, inside pieces, standing sprays, cross, letter tributes and memorial arrangements. All of them have a particular position where they are kept. Moreover, these designs of funeral flowers may vary in their style, sizes, and shapes. 




As we can’t afford to offend any bereaved through a false selection of flowers, we need to consider some criterion. When it comes to following a particular norm, it becomes our duty to do it accordingly or else we would end up hurting sentiments of the departed person's family. 

In general sense, etiquette for sending flowers for funeral includes selecting right flower and its arrangements. But, hitherto it refers to religious and cultural concerns. And when it comes to religion, then it may vary from one to another. 

Notably, any faux pas in disrespect of the religion can result in a severe outrageous reaction from the receiver. Therefore, funeral flower etiquette related to religion and varied cultures are unavoidable for taking care before hiring sympathy flowers delivery services

  • Roman Catholic: They prefer keeping flowers and candles on the casket at burial place, and their gestures include sending blossoms to home and donations. 
  • Protestant Christian: The minister uses to conduct the service along with the family and relatives of departed person. Accordingly, they would decide either to go with flowers or a donation. 
  • Buddhist: They accept all flowers and its arrangements with no kind of specifications. 
  • Muslim: Whether or not to receive blossoms is thoroughly dependent on the families. 
  • Jewish: Sending floral tribute is not at all a good idea. Instead, think about sending a basket of fruits or desserts. 
  • Hindu: While visiting Hindu funerals, people are expected to visit empty handed, wearing white clothes. And after ten days, when they held a ceremony, then taking fruits is more appropriate than flowers. 


Sending funeral flowers is an arduous task. It's just that you need to take proper care and consider all the concerns related to the same. If you do so, you not only prevent your expression for getting misunderstood but also it would aid you evidently to fulfill your purpose without any hitch.