Although Brothels have existed since time immemorial, men have all along had to enjoy their services in total secrecy. Because of this, most men do not know how to conduct themselves in a brothel. Though brothels are being legalised in many parts of the world, both sex workers, as well as prospective customers, are still unsure regarding etiquettes to be followed in a brothel. Apart from this, a lot of people do not understand the risks associated with the activity. There are issues related to the legality of the brothels as well as the registration of the sex workers and then there are issues of unsafe sex and other sexually transmitted diseases. In this piece of article, we shall share some tips on how to conduct yourself in a brothel.

Points to remember before entering brothel

1. Cleanliness is highly important

Many people are not particular about hygiene and cleanliness when visiting a brothel. Poor hygiene can lead to severe and serious infections and diseases. Apart from good body hygiene one must strictly maintain good dental hygiene as well as hygiene of one's private parts

2. Respect workers

A brothel is a place where its staff, the sex workers, offer a unique service. Approach them only if you can treat them with dignity and respect. One should respect the workers and treat them like human beings and not like objects. Abuse and physical violence or even rudeness to sex workers is no longer acceptable. There has to be a mutual understanding on the type of services that is being sought. If you are not able to follow a fair game, you should simply leave.

3. Never bargain

Brothels is not a place to bargain. The people at the brothels are professionals and when they are offering you a great service, you shouldn’t let them down by asking for bargains. Know about the rates and other charges, and proceed only if the rates are acceptable to you. Do not treat the workers as lesser humans. If you are not able to accept their professional terms or not able to afford them, then it is better that you do not attempt to solicit their services.

4. Safety is mandatory

Unprotected sex may appear “natural” and easy, but unprotected sex is unsafe and outright illegal. Safe sex has to be practised for the well-being of both the sex worker as well as the customer. Both the clients and sex workers need to get a health check done before they get into any action. One should never risk one’s life for pleasure.

5. Communication plays a vital role

Well, no matter what service you are taking, it is important to communicate with the person involved. You need to express what service you are seeking and you need to know if it is being offered. It may sometimes happen that the Brothel may not provide the service you expect. You can choose to seek other places that could meet your needs. I Communication relieves you of your inhibitions and helps the sex worker understand you and engage you better and help have mutually gratifying experience.

Following the above tips will go a long way in having a great experience at a brothel. Giving due respect to the profession of sex workers and treating yourselves with dignity in their company goes a long way in improving your satisfaction and value for money. Sharing these tips with others will also help, in the long, run change the mindset of people about brothels and help those who have chosen the profession of sex workers to get more acceptance and dignity in our society.

Published by Sam Larson