Whether watch collectors are seasoned or novices, buying luxury brand watches can still be frustrating at times, especially now that counterfeiters are becoming more talented at copying real ones. Not only that. Choosing the right kind of watch to suit one's style, taste, or preference isn't still a walk in the park as there are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration. So here is a quick guide to help luxury watch brand buyers navigate more effectively in choosing the right watch.

You are what you wear, as they say. This particularly applies if one is to mingle with power players of the 21st century. Thus, impress them in style by wearing the right accessory that transcends the bounds of time—a watch.

Gone are the days when a pair of shoes is an indication of status. Today, the right timepiece not only is a fashion accessory but also can be handed down from one generation to the next. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right timepiece.

Understand the watch's value - When purchasing a watch, more often than not, the price or buyer's budget is the first criteria, unless the buyer is among the 1% wherein money is not a problem. Thus, it is highly important to consider that the value of a luxury watch brand before deciding on the price.

In a nutshell, luxury brand watches are like cars. Why? They too depreciate in value over time after you buy them. So it is wise to spend a little for something that should withstand time.

But there are still several factors that affect how much the watch has depreciated over the years.

If you find a pre-owned watch sold online, check out how much they are selling for compared to the new models, although newer watches are frequently updated with improved models and features and to fit the new generation's demands. What constitutes a fairly valued watch is if it is priced at 20% of its retail price only when it is lightly used.

But buyers should not spend more than what they can afford on a specific timepiece. They should always keep in mind that they need to get a lot for their money with every purchase. Nothing compares to the value for your money.

Movement inside the watch - If unsure, the buyer can always ask the salesperson what movement is inside the watch. Thanks to superior craftsmanship, the expensive movement inside watches are mechanical watches that are powered by a complex array of springs and gears. The only downside to these watches is that they lose about an hour annually and thus must be manually wound regularly.

Then there is the digital watch movement. These are analog watches running on a miniature, electrified quartz crystal. They maintain an extremely accurate time.

Lastly, the digital watch movement is powered by an ultra-small watch battery.

Buyer protection - Thanks to the power of the Internet, some buyers purchase their time pieces online. Since counterfeits abound, the buyer should always check the reputation of the dealer prior to the purchase and if there are testimonials and a strong social media presence.

There are in fact manufacturers that are willing to exchange watches damaged during shipping to ensure quality. But it is still best to purchase from an authorized dealer so whenever there are questions, they can be answered and clarified.

Watch maintenance - Over time, the timepiece will be subject to various elements, some even harmful. Think of it this way. A watch is similar to a pair of shoes. There are different shoes for different situations, such as shoes for sports, for work, and for school. Thus, if the watch is intended for diving, then get a watch that can withstand water pressure. Furthermore, from time to time, bring the watches to professional watchmakers for servicing once they begin to tell inaccurate time.

Personal touch - Of course, the watch one wears is a reflection of his or her personal taste and image that he or she wants to project. Thus, when choosing a watch, don't just get one because it is "in." Choose a watch that reflects one's personality, style, and taste while considering all that is mentioned above.     

So, be it luxury brand watches or simply pre-owned timepieces, the buyer must always consider a number of factors and be well-informed before taking that huge leap since buying a luxury watch brand is a very personal decision, and should not to be taken casually.


Published by Arina Smith