The winter season is in full swing and with this new season comes refreshingly cozy styles and trends. One trend we see popping up season after season and that has become a staple in almost every wardrobe is a fur coat or vest. These items can be seen in just about every color and print and are sure to keep you warm and stylish in the upcoming winter months. Another trend we are loving is the trench coat. First seen as a springtime staple for rainy days, trench coats have shifted from light all-weather material to fabrics such as wool and cotton. Whether being dressed up as sleek and elegant or dressed down for everyday use, a trench coat is one of the items you shouldn’t feel bad about investing in.

Another warm winter essential this season is the puffer coat. These took a break from the spotlight, but have returned full swing and can now be found just about everywhere and on just about everyone, from the smallest child to our favorite celebs. Puffy coats are certainly one way to ensure your warmth and comfort. With a variety of fits, lengths, and colors, you are bound to find one that suits your style perfectly. Aside from outerwear, one word describes this winter fashion trend: SEQUINS! With the winter season comes a slew of parties and get togethers, so what better way to make a statement that in a sparkly sequin piece?  Sequins can be more understated by adding a clutch or jacket, but definitely are a way to get all eyes on you wherever you are! Sequins have been around for as long as we can remember and are making a comeback for us in 2017.


Now, if these certain clothing items aren’t exactly up your alley (but you still love to be trendy) maybe trying adding these certain colors to your wardrobe instead. In 2017, we are seeing tons of darker floral print tones, much different than the lighter tones we normally see in the spring and the summer. These florals consist of blacks and navy, dark forest greens, and deep rich shades of pink and purple. Also in the winter colors lineup are mauves and olive green. However you choose to take on these trends, make them your own and add your own personal flare! This is how we make our outfits unique and comfortable for us. If you’re stumped on just how to style some of these fab winter trends, here’s some inspiration from our fave celebs!

Blog by: Lauren Booher

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Winter 2017 Trends
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