I thought there were only really two types of readers, binge and those weirdos that can take their time through a series. Seriously. How do you guys do it? If any of you are reading this please talk to me ’cause I am yet to meet any of you and you’re like unicorns to me.

Anyways, this post idea pops into my head so I google types of readers. Holy shit they’re endless! There’s monogamist, polygamist, ah never mind here’s the picture: 1

So many ways to read and interact with books! I love it! Imagine a little emoji with heart eyes please. And some happy tears. Nah, here ya go, giphy

Then there are these ones (also while I’m thinking of it, credit to the maker of these pictures, I’m just an avid googler) b04a7-whattypeofreaderareyougraphicbookeater

I really love both of these pictures and the types they describe on them, so I am going through and figuring out which fit me best.

Mono vs poly readers
Is it awful for me to be both depending on my mood? Recently I’ve had a huge reading list so I’ll switch from one book to the next so at the moment I’m most definitely a polygamist reader.

I’m an introvert reader
Let’s face it, for those who check out my reviews, my genres stay very close to one another. It takes usually Michelle bugging me about a book or my own crazy ideas to step out into the rest of the book world most times. I can’t help it. Also, I am very big on identifying with the characters.

Altruistic and Neurotic reader?
I’m slightly neurotic a lot of the days with a tendency to leave certain books hanging. But that’s the book’s fault not mine I’d say.

For the second picture I am without a doubt a Genre Theme reader with a touch of Practical reader. I jump from one theme to the next without being able to help it most days. For awhile I was stuck on fantasy, now it’s assassins as I reread Throne of Glass and begin Orphan Queen. I would probably already be done the Orphan Queen…But I forgot it at a friend’s and haven’t gotten it back. Oops.
Meanwhile I do also list up my books in my head, I know which ones are where automatically. It just so happens that because of my genre affliction, those lists change up pretty easily for some books.

What type of reader are you?
Did you expect a lot more to be out there?
Any other types you’ve heard of and you think are cool?
Let me know!

Until next time,


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