What Type of Shopper Are You?

Shopping...The one activity that we love to do (sometimes hate), that we have to do - whether it's for groceries, household items, toys for our children, or our favorite (sometimes not) CLOTHING! Shopping is a universal activity that we all engage in day to day. We have it scheduled on our daily To-Do lists along with a list of what we need to purchase.


I want to focus on clothing shopping. This type of shopping is what affects us more because the effects play a major factor in our emotions. What exactly do I mean? Think about it when you bought your last item of clothing, was it for a particular reason - necessity, great price, your fave celebrity was wearing it, feeling emotional...What was your WHY for purchasing that item?

This is important to grasp.

Shopping can be (it's supposed to be) an exhilarating, enjoyable experience when done correctly...but let's be honest most of us do not shop correctly. And that is where the problem is... we look in our closets and see hangers of items that are dysfunctional. Our shopping habits have caused us to create a wardrobe of clothing that do not work for us.


Think of your wardrobe as your refrigerator...both must be de-cluttered and organized. The same steps we take to keeping our refrigerator stocked and clean applies to how we shop and choose items to put into our closets. When grocery shopping we make a list of items we need so that we don't forget anything and to stay in budget; BUT...we don't created one when we shop for clothing. And we should. But in order to understand how to shop, you must understand the type of shopper you are. 


Understanding the type of shopper you are will eliminate purchase of costly items and unnecessary items; therefore, helping you save lots of money and time. What exactly are the type of shoppers and which do you fit? As I list each type, think about which one describes you:

  • The Spontaneous Shopper - Do you shop without making a decision? Do you buy without thinking? Do you just see an item and quickly purchase it, without considering if it will benefit your lifestyle of dressing? A spontaneous shopper buys on the spot, on impulse, usually based on feelings associated with that item or within oneself.
  • The Imitation Shopper - Do you purchase items based on celebrities, magazines, runway, etc.? The imitation shopper does not have their own style personality but tend to follow the trends and styles of others. They don't have their own identity, they want to feel included with the 'in crowd.' This type of shopper usually applies to teenagers, but adults are not exempt either.
  • The Hide My Feelings Shopper - Do you shop when you are feeling depressed, sad, lonely, or any type of negative emotion? Are you trying to hide those feelings by shopping? The Hide My Feelings Shopper is someone who shops in her feelings...she is having a bad day, shop; she broke up with her boyfriend, shop; her self-esteem is low, shop. She shops because she wants to hide from her feelings and not deal with what truly is going on in her life.
  • The Label Shopper - Do you shop only for name brand items and would not be seen with any other? Do you constantly look at labels? Do you purchase items because of the name associated with and not because it functions with your lifestyle? The Label Shopper is the name brand purchaser; she will only spend her money on labels even if it's something she doesn't like or need. She believes that this displays to others that she is successful and wealthy.
  • The Putting It Off Shopper - Do you have a laundry list of tasks to do, but instead you decide to go shopping? Do you avoid taking care of important tasks by shopping? The Putting It off Shopper tends to run away from their problems and replace it with shopping. The problem or task at hand is considered to be boring and stressful, so she turns to what looks fun and exciting, which is shopping.
  • The Uncontrollable Shopaholic Shopper - Are you obsessed with shopping? Do you get a 'high' from shopping and once you stop you hit a 'low' and therefore you have to shop again? The Uncontrollable Shopaholic Shopper is addicted to shopping similar to an alcoholic or drug addict. They have no control and seem to find it hard, if at all possible to stop shopping. 

If any of these type of shoppers describe you, then it's time to deal with what is truly going on. I don't want you to completely stop shopping and I am not trying to take away the enjoyment of shopping, but when you are more aware and conscious of your shopping habits you will have a better hold on your finances. And in turn avoid the guilt of spending over your budget and the possibility of debt. 


So now that you know the problem, let's talk about the solution. If you fit any one of these type of shoppers here are a few tips to help you the next time you go shopping:

  • If you feel the impulse to purchase an item, leave the store and give yourself a 24 hour period. Most of the time, if you do this, your urge to instantly purchase that item will go away.
  • Make a list of items you need in your wardrobe and carry it with you; if the item is not on the list...then you know that you shouldn't purchase it.
  • If you are shopping to hide your feelings or to run away from a problem...STOP, and process what is really going on and find a more constructive way to deal with those emotions and/or problems. Read a book, call a friend (mentor, family member, spouse) to vent, or exercise to help direct your emotions to a place that is more beneficial to you.
  • Try to avoid the temptations of shopping. For example, if you are a subscriber to over 3 -5 clothing sites, you need to unsubscribe ASAP. Getting those promotional emails maybe the reason you are shopping so much - you see a sale and feel that you should purchase. Do not fall for the temptation!

Be mindful of your shopping habits and know the WHY's of your shopping. Understanding your shopping behavior is the beginning of a more enjoyable and freeing shopping life!

Published by LaTonya Knox