So far so good, we made it to Ayutthaya no problems. Touch wood. Don't want to curse it. We even got dropped at our hostel - bonus points! Anyway so we arrived late afternoon and settled in before heading out for food at the night market with two other girls we met in the hostel. 

The three of us woke up and headed out into the heat with one of the girls from last night and rented bikes for the day. Yes I got on a bike. A little background, cycling is not my thing my Dad can vouch for me on that. It all went downhill when I got chased by a dog trying to bite me cycling in Sri Lanka. I proceeded to tell my Dad I hated him and refused to talk to him. Yeah so big surprise I went cycling. I actually really enjoyed it. We cycled round the town stopping at all the ruins of the old city in the park, crossing bridges and circling the lakes. Apart from nearly dying from heat stroke it was great. I know I'm whining about the heat but seriously today was haaaawt. We probably  did a little too much but I really enjoyed it apart from being exhausted. We spent the evening hanging out at the hostel playing stupid games with everyone before heading off to bed as we had to get up early for a bus to Sukhothai. 



The 6hr bus was relatively uneventful. We had air con so no real complaints. Upon arrival we staggered to our hostel to find a distinct lack of air con. Brilliant. We also then turned on the tap to find black water coming out. Again, brilliant. We made it through the night and headed off to the historical park the next day where again we rented bikes (seriously what has gotten into me??! I'm a new person. I have found my inner calling. Cycling is my new thaaang) and spent the day exploring all the ruins. It was here that I actually made my first purchase of the trip. No big surprise to what it was. Yup you got it, yet another pair of baggy trousers to add to my ever growing collection. I'm just too wanna be hipster for words. My justification is that buying them early on made sense because then I'll get wear out of them. (One of my many talents is being able to justify buying just about anything especially when it's fashion). 



We decided not to spend another night in Sukhothai, the black water might have influenced our decision just a littl,and so we hopped on a bus to Chiang Mai. Arriving late at night the contrast to Sukhothai could not have been greater. This place had a pool!!! Not just a pool but a nice pool!! You didn't feel you had caught some disease merely from looking at it. After a sticky day cycling and the bus journey it was so refreshing to jump in the pool for a night swim. 

Our plan is to spend just the two nights here before going to Pai for a few days and then returning here. So with just the one day on the ground tomorrow calls for a pool day. It's about time I actually started working on my tan. Having been out here for 10 days I'm still stupidly pale, oh the trials and tribulations of being fair skinned. One thing I can say though is that I am already darker than Dot was when she returned after 6months. Suck on that siisssstaaaaa 

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