We know she was a star, praised for her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars. But we also know there was more to Carrie Fischer than just the girl in the gold bikini. We know she faced her mental illness head on. She spoke openly about her bipolar disorder. We know she faced most fears Hollywood can give actors and claimed her identity after many expected her to disappear and wash out. We know she battled substance abuse, using drugs as a coping mechanism for her mental illness. And even thought she was sober for a long period of time, we know there are side affects that abusing drugs for a long period of time can leave on the body. We know she died of a heart attack, and we know that an autopsy could change that ruling. Like it has with so many celebrity deaths. We know she made impact. We know she was more than just an actress to many, that she meant so much to so many.

Published by Chelsea Hinkofer