◊ Your flight includes a full-body dose of X-ray radiation from the new security scanners at many airports. You’ll also be hit with a hearty serving of cosmic rays during your flight. Did you know one flight is equivalent to 7 X-rays? The reason?  The higher you get, the less you can rely upon Earth’s atmosphere to shield you from radiation in space.

◊  Airplanes are incorporated with air conditioning and pressurization systems that supply the cabin with oxygen. To establish a comfortable environment in the aircraft, airplanes generally maintain a cabin pressure equivalent to the air pressure at 8000ft above mean sea level.

◊ You think you are always “right” as a passenger, because you pay. WRONG. The fact that “you pay” doesn’t give you the power to be rude to a uniformed employee and do whatever you want. The flight attendant’s are not waitresses, they are on board to tell YOU what to do, because they are responsible for YOUR safety. That is why you must obey their commands.

◊ If you’re getting on board with the idea to complain and be rude during the whole flight, your flight attendant can make sure you will never fly with this airline EVER again. Yes, they HAVE the power to do that…

◊ Smoking in the lavatory? The smoke detector will ruin your plans. You will be asked to fill a form and after landing you will be politely accompanied to the terminal by two police officers.

◊  Losing an engine in flight is not a particularly serious problem, the pilots are trained to fly twin engine aircraft with only one working engine.

◊  Most pilots have been struck by lightning. But don’t worry, you’re not going to fall out of the sky. You will hear a big boom and see a big flash. That’s it!

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Published by Monika Kachamanova