Time is precious.  It's a gift.

In fact, it's one thing you can never get back.

Maybe it's because I'm now a mom and I see in front of me the impact that every minute of my day has -- the minutes I sit and play, the minutes I stand and cook, the minutes I type and scroll and edit.  They all have an impact.

I can only do so much.  I can spend time with my baby, cook , write, clean, run my little photography business, put effort into our marriage, visit with people, spend time with family... but all of those things add up.  And to things beyond these bounds I have to say no. Other things may fit back in at some point as the ebbs and flows of life adjust, but this season right now is full and I want to be able to do each thing well.

We think we have all the time in the world but the reality is that we don't.  We have the time that's been given to us, an exact amount that none of us knows; but we know it's time that is only used once.

Friend, you can only do so much.

Comparison will only lead to emptiness.  Working yourself harder and harder will lead to emptiness.  Filling your days with more and more will not be the source of your joy.

There are busy seasons, and there are slow seasons, and both can be good.  But look at your current season and see if you're making the most of your time.  Not by how many deadlines you can meet and goals you can accomplish, but by how meaningful and sufficient each day is.  What things are you doing?  And why are you doing them?

Time is precious.  It's a gift.  Don't waste it.

Published by Amy Parsons