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Remember those days when Social Media was the best thing to ever happen to our lives? I mean it's still the best thing but these days we have stuff like Netflix and Beyonce tours to add more fun. But I'm talking about days when we spent our whole day on Facebook, mainly because we were fascinated at the awesomeness of interacting with out friends from far and wide. Social Media was wholly fun (both for developers and users).

Well, sorry to bust your bubble. Social Media has gone beyond that fun tool we knew it as years ago. It's become pretty much serious nowadays, and everyone is beginning to re-align. I mean, you can imagine Zuckerberg saying stuff like, "I mean, I know Facebook is fun and you wanna connect with your friends too but I mean, I gotta make some money yeah?". Along the same lines, also imagine your momma saying stuff like, "Brad, you've spent too much time on this Twitter thingy, how is that little bird increasing your chances of getting a job?"

You see, the world has moved on. Everyone wants to get productive while doing unproductive things (yeah, that's the Paradox). And that is the wisdom behind Microsoft's futuristic thought.

Microsoft Satya Nadella is known for their awesome sometimes crazy thought patterns, like visualizing that half of the world would go numb and rely on Cortana for assistance. 

LinkedIn is a very unique social media platform. Unique in the sense that it combines productivity with leisure, and most importantly it combines the very important elements of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can post pictures, rant and connect with people, while at the same time advancing your career.

This is where the world moving towards. And Microsoft has seen that future. Soon people will begin to move towards LinkedIn, especially given the rate at which people lose their jobs these days, they won't want to let go of their social media addiction, and why let go? When you can get your next job there too.

Trust Microsoft to enrich LinkedIn and add plenty more features to make it all encompassing. Given their Office Product Suite, expect business owners to find a better way of integration.

LinkedIn currently has over 400 million users, with about 100 million active users. Expect that figure to jump pretty soon.

It all makes sense now why Microsoft will buy LinkedIn for a whooping $26 billion.

Cheers to the future!


Miracle Roch

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