Have you ever thought about what you have and what I have?

And by this I mean, the fact that I have a laptop to write this article and that you have one as well to read it.

I went on a 10km hike and saw the view of the beautiful city I live in and realized how lucky I am in life. And also realized how much I take this for granted. What do I have?

I have the luxury to go on hikes and take pictures with an expensive camera, like the photo on this article. I was able to finish high school, finish a course and choose another one. I eat three meals a day and sometimes more, go to the movies, bars and restaurants.

What do you have? A laptop or phone to read this article, a home to live in and the money to buy things. You probably also have the luxury to do the things that I do. You can probably, also take a picture of the city you live i with your own camera!

So think about what do you have and what do I have again?

Now, think about what millions of other people have.

According to Oxfam, one in three people lives in poverty, one in nine people go to sleep hungry, in Indonesia, one in five children are underweight significantly, 65 million people are displaced all over the world and luckily, you and I are not a part of any of these statistics.

Meanwhile, more and more people who are not a part of these statistics are more worried about their gym memberships, new make-up, new clothes and cars. I'm not saying that you shouldn't enjoy what you have or that your problems are not important I just think that people of today should learn more how to appreciate what they have.

Learn how to share and remember the things that do count in life. Don't be blinded by the materialistic things of this world and do what matters.