You do not get to enjoy India in small doses. You take everything in at once. If you are a first-timetraveller to India, there is a lot ofypu need to know so that you do not get overwhelmed. This is not in any way meant to scare you or deter you. It is meant to inform you.

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What You Should Brace For.

  • Traffic

The traffic in India is exactly as you read and see in movies and documentaries. Think about everything you have heard about Indian traffic, and then triple it. It is that bad. Traffic rules are flaunted all the time, but that is not to say you should follow suit! If you plan to drive yourself around, practice taking deep and calming breaths. If you go to a town where the traffic is controlled, soak in the experience. There will not be many like that one.

  • Give the street food and water a wide berth.

However heavenly it smells, if you eat food off the streets you will most likely fall sick. Very many of the illnesses that attack people in many parts of India are waterborne, so, if it is not bottled, you do not want it. If you have ever had food poisoning, you do not need to be told twice.

  • Develop your negotiation skills.

You must learn to haggle over just about everything. Bargaining in India comes naturally. Because of this, sellers are used to giving an exaggerated price so that you can bargain it down until you both agree on a price. If you pay the initial price given, you might end up paying double or even triple the price. So, give arguing a chance here. You might land a great bargain.

  • Pollution

That joke about them being able to hold their breath long enough to rival Guinness book records- if there are any- is not far-fetched. However, it is definitely a hyperbole. It is bearable. You may cover up with a scarf or use a mask, especially if you have respiratory challenges like asthma. Do not be surprised if your skin breaks out. Pollution can have that effect. Cleanse your face as much as you feel you need to.

  • Leave strays be.

Your love for the furry sweethearts will not stand you in good stead if you pet every mutt and feline you see. You will find strays all over the place. You cannot be sure if they have had their shots…most strays have not…and themwould turn aggressive.

  • Decency in dressing is imperative.

Most of India is quite conservative and clothing like tank tops might be frowned upon. If you plan to visit a place of worship or one that is held in high regard by the locals, you may need to make enquiries about the accepted dress code.

India is a fascinating land to visit and it leaves a lasting impression on you not least because of the different aspects of culture and religions you get to experience over there, which means that arming yourself with information from sites like India Someday website would really help in preparing you.





Published by Lucy Jones