Printing technology has come a long way, with significant advancements experienced in the recent years. A printer is one of the essential equipment in an office and it can also be used at home or by students in school. The choice of printer would depend on the intended task as well as the intensity of use besides the need to make use of the exciting features that modern printers boast.

If you are seeking to upgrade your old printer, or are looking for a new one, it is vital that you have adequate information on matters printers to make an informed choice. Of course, your needs should drive your purchase, but the final decision should be based on accurate information. The good thing is that you won't have to look any further for that information since that is what is covered here. Read on to learn more about printers and how to choose the right one for your needs.

Types of printers

The first step to getting the right printer is to know the types available on the market and what each is capable of. One thing you can be sure of is that there is a printer that can serve you conveniently.

Inkjet printers

If you are looking for something to use at home for everyday use, then an inkjet printer should do you well. It is also ideal for the occasional printing of college and school work without failing. Inkjets are also known for their delivery of better photographs compared to laser printers. They are used in printing a wide range of snaps from smartphones to the high-quality DSLR photography.

The other advantage these printers have over the laser printers is the affordability of the ink cartridge replacements. That is what makes them ideal for use at home and in photography.

Laser printers

The laser printers are designed to handle frequent printing, making them the right choice for an office printer and businesses that do large amounts of printing. You can count on these printers to print black and white documents at high speed. The page yield of the laser toners is significantly higher than that of inkjet printers, which explains the difference in the cost of cartridges. In effect, the long-term cost per page is low despite the initial purchase price being high.

All-in-one printers

As the name suggests, all-in-one printers come with scanners and copiers as well. They offer comprehensive printing for both homes and offices since they are available in both laser and inkjet varieties. According to, some all-in-one printers feature a fax machine too with lager paper trays for both photo papers and the usual A3 and A4 printing.

3D printers

These printers are used by designers and creators to test the viability of a project before committing expensive and extensive machining. 3D printers are mostly used in industries but have recently found a way into homes as well. In essence, they are used to break down complex manufacturing.

What is the right printer for you?

With the different types of printers on the market, many people have a hard time knowing the right printer for their needs. As mentioned before, the various types of printers are designed to handle different tasks, meaning that you will find your ideal pick whether you are a photographer, business owner, or a student.

The following section looks at the right printer to use for the different categories of people.

  • Students

There is no doubt a printer is an essential equipment for students. They use it to print many things among them assignments. You can rely on a monochrome laser printer to print page after page of your thesis with great convenience. However, an inkjet printer with the ability to scan and copy can be ideal if you also want to print your photographs.

  • Business

There is a vast range of both inkjet and laser business printers from which you can choose. One feature that should be sought after is the printing speed since many business printers are capable of printing loads of documents. If the office is busy and feeding one page at a time takes too much time, seek the automatic document feeder feature on the printer that you choose.

  • Photographers

Photo printers are different from the rest since they focus on the production of quality photographs with natural color production. For this, they have separate inks for each color. You can get the right one for use both at home or at a studio for production of many photographs.

Published by Lucy Jones