The GMAT (or Graduate Management Admission Test) is a widely used standardized test that most of the business schools and graduate programs employ in order to evaluate the skills and intelligence of potential students. A GMAT score shows the student’s skill level as well as the ability of the student to tackle the management studies required in the program. Solid GMAT test prep is the key to cracking the exam as it gives you the foundation you need to get a high score.

The Exam

The GMAT contains four parts: verbal, writing, integrated reasoning, and a quantitative section. This test now mainly asks questions based on data sufficiency and quantitative aptitude, though this trend has increased over the last decade. Due to these changes, if you scored 47 in 2004, you would now be in the 85th percentile. On the other hand, if you scored the same in 2014, then you would be in the 72nd percentile.

How To Study

We are living in a digital age where we are flooded with information. Therefore, if you want to do your GMAT test prep right, the first thing to do is to stop yourself from trying to cram or memorize as many random bits of information as possible. Many studies show that those who stick to their foundations and study from one source performed better in the exam. It must be remembered that questions on the GMAT exams never repeat, so you can’t rely strictly on past exams to help you properly study.

Instead, a better and smarter way to study is to follow the GMAT syllabus and use the books that are provided by the test makers. If you aren’t sure how to find quality study material, try contacting a GMAT test prep tutor for help. They have access to the most up to date and accurate testing material to help you prepare for the exam.

When To Start Studying

The question of when to start your GMAT test prep is a common one. Ultimately, it depends on your own knowledge, personal weaknesses and strengths, memory, reasoning, etc. The best place to visit for the preparation of the exam is the official GMAT site. There are many free testes and tips on the website. While the amount of prep needed depends on the student, most experts agree that the best time to start studying is 5 to 6 months prior to the exam. You should be consistent and regular within a fixed schedule. The time for study may vary according to your learning style, but it should not be less than 1 hour per day. 

What To Study

There is plenty of study material available on the internet. You can do practice tests, download study material, and prepare for the GMAT exam all online. There are also many online and offline tutoring programs that can help you understand any parts of the exam you are struggling with and help you learn some test taking strategies to help you on the exam. However, the best results come from the combination of self-study and eternal support from coaching or a personal tutor.


You have studied hard and are finally ready to take the test, but only studying the material is not necessarily going to be enough. It is easy to freeze in the middle of the exam due to stress or find yourself getting hung up on a specific question that drains your available time. You should plan for the exam by learning some key test taking strategies so you can move forward with confidence on exam day.


Published by Charlesa Gibson