So, you want to lose weight and you think that drinking water to lose weight is no feat?

But wait, you have to learn more.

Drinking water to lose weight is very effective, otherwise known as the water therapy, but you have to do more than just drinking water.

I learned the hard way. My aunt, a fitness buff, taught me to drink water to lose weight. But what I didn't know, you should also cut off your McDonald's french fries and anything else that's salted. LIMIT YOUR SODIUM INTAKE. Otherwise, you'll just get fatter. Take it from me. You'll gain weight faster than a hippo. 

If you're on water therapy, always ALWAYS watch your salt because it will backfire. It's because salt makes you retain water, that's why limiting it is a necessary step. Don't think you can get away with yummy French fries and then lose weight with water therapy. Either sacrifice the other, or you'll attain nothing. 



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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo