Hockey helmets are much more complicated than you probably every thought. That is why it is your best interest to get to know more about it. In the question and answer segment below, we are going to explore the seven major questions you should have asked your teacher. This we hope will give you a deeper insight into the why and what you should have asked your teachers about hockey helmet as well as you have feel your insight another question regarding best and unique hockey sticks as natural hope so.

#1: When was the hockey helmets invented?

Hockey helmet was invented in the 1970s. Its invention was occasioned by the numerous head injuries that hockey players had sustained in the years passed. It was mainly intended to deal with those injuries. However, modern-day helmets go beyond that. They also provide some added comfort and ventilation.

#2: Who invented the hockey helmets?

It was invented by one Greg Neel. He, together with his father invented the sporting equipment sometime in 1975. He was a player of ice hockey who had witnessed several colleagues succumb to head injuries. That is what prompted him to find a lasting solution.

#3: What is the general price range for hockey helmets?

On average, the price of a standard hockey helmet is roughly $50. This figure may diminish or increase depending on the quality, size, and brand in question. Generally speaking, those that are designed for competitive sporting are way more expensive than what would be considered normal.

#4: What is the average lifespan of a standard hockey helmet?

With good care and maintenance, a hockey helmet should last no less than 5 years. Needless to say, the lifespan shortens with more frequent and highly intense use. Because of this, it is in your best interest to use the helmets in moderation.

#5: Can you use the hockey helmets in other sporting activities as well?

YES, of course! Hockey helmets are very versatile and multipurpose. You may use them in cycling and boxing. Apart from sports, you may also use them in expeditions, adventures, camping, and construction sites. They are hence very worthy purchases indeed!

#6: What are the top brands of hockey helmets as of the year 2018?

As of the year 2018, the CCM, Warrior, and Bauer are the top brands. They are reputable, manufacture high-quality helmets, and offer excellent after-sale-services. They should hence be at the top of your list while searching for the right helmet.

#7: Must they be worn in every hockey contest?

NOT really! While praising or playing a friendly tournament, you have the leeway to determine whether to wear them or not. However, while playing competitive tournaments, you, by all means, have to wear them. This is because the National Hockey League demands players to do so. Any failure to comply may often lead to severe consequences.


It is necessary to note that the questions and answers explained above are not all that you possibly ought to know about the subject matter. There are indeed several others that we had to inevitably leave out owing to space and time constraints. You may wish to carry out further research to fill the gaps. Moreover, we are providing and trying to put our best of the best effort as well as information for you which is unparalleled gather of knowledge and boost up regarding best hockey helmets and try to feel other hockey related equipment at a glance. So read it mindfully as well keep ir up yourself. Last of all a quality full helmets make you this field no doubt about it.


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