Everyone running on this “time”, running to nowhere. 

As the dictators of society whisper in our ears,”You must stay on this clock! For if you get off, you will be miserable. Happiness will never cross your path again”. Lingering in every corner of our lives…

Every day, the unknown leaders of this fast paced world whisper this to us. Warning us that we need never get off because we must finish this and that by a certain age! For if we do not! Pain will follow us our whole entire life…

Pain is unpleasant, no one wants to experience it; that is why we are so scared to break from societies strong grip on us.


What if I told you something you never heard before? That no one would dare even say due to how unreasonable it sounds…

It’s all a lie…That there is a way to get off this ticking  bomb…oh, I meant ticking clock… that there is a way to finally do what you always dreamed of doing…right NOW; in this very moment. So, my question for you is…whatcha waiting for?

Whatcha waiting for? Waiting for the people around you to finally change; to finally be positive and ever so supporting? To agree with your big dreams?


There’s always going to be people around you trying to bring your spirit down. It may or a may not be out of malice but most of the time it is due to the lie they have believed in for a long time (that you as well believed in too). They wholeheartedly believe they’re saving you from making the worst decision of your life (your big dream, your “insane” aspiration), they think you have to stay on this clock/time to survive in this world. So (for these specific people), rather being revengeful; have a compassionate, understanding attitude towards these individuals. Lose the “screw them” attitude, for this mindset, will only end up affecting your body and your mind..not them.

Once you understand that there will be people cheering for you on the sidelines, but also, there will be people booing you; screaming, yelling how you won’t achieve anything! What will you listen to? Your heart or the relentless screams from the unmindful ones; the zombies of our world…or will you listen to your own drum. 

Once again, it all comes down to YOU. What will you decide?  

You say, “I need $$$! My dreams are too expensive…I’m not financially secure.- I don’t have time!- I need to get my degree, so then, finally, I can live my dream(s).- I need to get married and have kids.- I need to start my career. -I need to retire.-I’m just waiting for the perfect moment!”

Close your eyes…and think of your dreams. Don’t resist, just let it be. As you begin, you may notice discouraging thoughts seeping through. Just accept them without any judgment. Accept and notice how they suddenly lose their meaning. They mean nothing.

May I ask a question? If these issues you stated above would disappear, as in the winter when the snow flakes come down and fall upon your warm skin, melting gracefully; leaving only a small rain drop…than what would you do?

You would be living your dream NOW! Can’t you see? You are holding on to the illusion called time. The future doesn’t exist, not for NOW. The past is gone, lost; which in fact, NOW, doesn’t exist anymore. 

All these points you stated are pertaining  too much of the future; you cannot control the future…all you have power over is this very moment.

Do you hear your breath? Do you see how your chest lifts up and falls down? This is YOU, YOU are here NOW. That is all that matters…


Think of your dreams…

Different, huh?  That’s because YOU are in the NOW.

NOW, start to plan how to make your beautiful, wildest dreams into your reality. Be present, stay in the moment. Your dreams are in the palm of your hand, not in the far away chapters of the future.

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Published by Michelle Tulik