A grimoir /black book/ book of shadows is a book where witches can write down their spells, rituals, omens, tarot readings, or really anything witchcraft related. They can be passed down from witch to witch, sold online, or saved by the witch themselves. Often they are not to be touched by those other than the witch without explicit permission as it is a very personal object, though sometimes one can be shared between the members of a coven.

Grimoirs/ black books/ books of shadows are often enchanted to hide or be concealed so that non-witches don't discover it. They can be in any language, and enciphered or not. Witches should never write their name in their grimoir/ black book/ book of shadows because it would allow spirits to haunt them.

A grimoir can be as organized or disorganized as the witch wants, and it can even be kept online as technomancy is becoming more and more popular with newer witches. If you're looking to start a grimoir, then a good idea is a big hardcover notebook with a latch or some way of ensuring that it stays closed. You would be better off writing in pen, but it's really because of the permanence sealing in the magic more efficiently. Grimoirs / black books / books of shadows are 100% optional and you can practice your craft any way you like! Good luck and happy crafting!

Published by Kalaeo Nox