Looking to the new year in books, comics, TV and movies!

In rather surprising news, the pilot for the adaptation of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has moved from the CW to Netflix, as reported by Spoiler TV.  Apparently the CW was actually higher on the Charmed reboot for a new with series, which I have to say seems to be to be about as bad an idea as choosing Frequency and No Tomorrow over Transylvania, or passing on Searchers in favour of Valor and Dynasty.  But we will see what happens.  We have also seen some character descriptions and concept art released for the show, which has actually been given a two season order with the switch to Netflix. 

While the CW has let Sabrina slip away, they have picked up a pitch for another possible female-led show, Lady in the Mask.  Set in a near future where people can back-up their minds like backing-up a computer, the heroine survives a suspicious accident with damage to her memory, and is forced to turn to a two-year old back-up, only to become suspicious that she has become embroiled in some kind of conspiracy in the time since the back-up was made.  An interesting concept, but a questionable fit for the CW.  Another option for the CW is Paradise Lost, described as a murder mystery with magical realism, where the secrets of the community will be exposed.

Of course, all of these shows are still a ways off and may never hit screens at all. The Tracking Board provides a list of the TV premieres coming earlier in 2018, for those of us who need help keeping track of when new shows begin and old favourites return.

Meanwhile, Literary Dust looks at Ash Princess, set to be released in late April.  Unfortunately, she found it to be not as good as other similar YA fantasies, with an unlikeable main character.  She was a little more impressed with Brightly Burning, a sci-fi Jane Eyre retelling coming in May.  She had some issues with the romance and the fake cursing in the book, but ultimately gave it a positive review.

Literary Dust also reviewed To Kill a Kingdom, coming in March.  Admittedly, this The Little Mermaid retelling is far less appealing to me than the previous two books she reviewed, but she just might have changed my mind with her very positive take on the novel.

Great Imaginations looks at the January release, Unearthed by Aimee Kaufman and Megan Spooner.  She was not impressed, though one of her main complaints seems to be that this book, the first in a series, ends on a cliff hanger, which other readers may not have any problem with.  However, she also found the characters flat and boring.

Moving on to book trailers, Epic Reads has released a look at the first book in Maureen Johnson’s new series, Truly Devious.  The book follows a heroine who enrolls at a prestigious academy, hoping to solve the infamous cold case in the school’s past.  I’m torn on this one, as the book has me very intrigued, but I’m concerned that we will never get a conclusion to Johnson’s Shades of London series.

Epic reads also released a trailer for Everless by Sara Holland, a book where time is used as currency, and follows a heroine determined to get more time for her father, who is on the brink of death. 

Io9’s look at the best comics of 2017 is a good place to check for series you might want to pick up in the new year.  Perhaps the most surprising choice on the list is the new DC series Mystik U, which puts many of DC’s magical characters in a Hogwarts-esque setting.  I kind of thought this would crash and burn, but io9 praises it as a good showcase for characters who don’t always get a lot of attention.  Jeff Lemire’s Black Hammer also makes the list, a story of a group of heroes trying to make a life for themselves after being mysteriously transported to a new world.  The small town witch series Redlands also makes the cut.

Finally, on to movies, where it looks like Artemis Fowl is moving full steam ahead after a handful of casting announcements, including the title character being cast with a new actor, as revealed on Thathastagshow.com.  Still no news on who will be playing the antagonist character, but there is plenty of time, since the movie will actually not be hitting the screens until 2019!

Coming back to 2018, Looper released a video of 22 movies to check out, including the planned comic films and the new Fantastic Beasts flick.

Published by Andrew Clendening