TV series and books you might enjoy!

We’re heading for a showdown of witchy TV series!  CW has Charmed, Netflix has Sabrina, and Freeform has Motherland, an alternate reality series where witches escaped persecution by agreeing to serve in the military.  Interestingly, Spoiler TV notes that the series will follow three young witches, but then mentions four as being cast.  The only actress I recognize is Taylor Hickson, and her character sounds disturbingly similar to her annoying character on Aftermath.  Hollywoodnorthbuzz notes that the series follows a recruit who’s mother dies in action (Hickson), one who’s mother is a general (Kelcey Mawema), one who’s mother didn’t want her to enlist (Jessica Sutton), and an apparent wildcard (Amalia Holm).  I’m all for all of these witch series, but only time will tell if I will be able to watch them.  The CW just got removed from my cable package, I don’t have Netflix, and while ABC Spark is pretty much Freeform up here, it doesn’t show all of the network’s shows for some reason.

Another intriguing Netflix show will follow a large group of teenagers who are bussed away when a strange smell in the air causes fear of pollution, only to be dropped back in town to find their parents gone and a forest surrounding the entire town, with no apparent exit.  The series comes from Party of Five creator Chris Keyser, and will begin shooting in September.

Speaking of shows I might not get to watch, HBO is launching a new Joss Whedon series!  The Nevers is described as a science fiction series following a group of Victorian women who develop mysterious abilities and must fight powerful enemies.  This makes me think a little of Gail Carriger’s Finishing School series that I mentioned back in my post about books I wanted to see as TV series, though there were no superpower there, just young girls in a steampunk society attending as Finishing School that is secretly training them to be assassins!  You know, pretty standard stuff.

Thankfully, I should be able to watch FX’s Y:  The Last Man series, an adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan’s comic series.  The series, which seems to have been in development for forever, presents a dystopian reality where every male mammal has died except for one, and we finally have a cast!

Moving to books; Epic Reads presents opening chapters for a couple of upcoming releases.  First we have Contagion by Erin Bowman, which I’ve talked about before.  It’s a sci fi book wherein a small crew responds to a distress call, and things go very, very wrong.  Next is a book I haven’t mentioned before… I think.  Heretics Anonymous follows a group of misfits who stir up a revolt at their strict Catholic school.

Madison’s Library reviews the first book in the new fantasy series from Sara Raasch, of Snow Like Ashes fame.  The new series takes place in a fantasy world where a magic rich island (Grace Loray) and a religious country (Argrid) struggle to coexist, with tensions certainly not helped by the fact that Argrid oppressed Grace Loray before being driven away.  When an Argridian diplomat vanishes, war could erupt at any second.  The three main characters are an Argridian prince, a Grace Loray soldier, and a pirate.

Vicky Who reads was very impressed with Sanctuary by Caryn Lix, a sci fi book I’ve mentioned before.  It follows a young guard on a prison spaceship who must join up with the prisoners to fight aliens.  She praises the atmospheres and the action scenes, though she admits the first half dragged a bit.

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