Before I actually start on sharing different makeup looks or my thoughts on different products, I thought it's only fair for you all to know why you should spend your time reading and following my blog, 'cause let's face it - there are SO many out there, so why me?

To explain this simply, I am no different or privileged than any other regular person. I don't have tons of makeup like you expect a makeup artist or blogger to have. I don't have bags full of money to lavishly spend on the newest or trendiest product in the market. But I obviously wasn't going to stop that from doing what I love. And that's why I want to share with you all, that you don't need tons of makeup and money to slay a face. We will grow together in this journey, just as we grew out of those "lipgloss only" days, and hopefully soon be swimming in a pool of makeup. And my other readers, don't be disheartened, there will definitely be reviews and looks using makeup of all ranges. I got your back don't worry.

So in this blog, you will find - tutorials, beauty tips and hacks, how to make the most out of what you have, my thoughts and experiences with various products, basically anything you would want me to rant about ;)

I've got a couple of ideas lined up for me to share with you and I need more! So please leave your comments on what topics and types of looks you want me to cover in the near future, and I'll do just that :)

Okay bye.

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Published by Ayesha Farooq