OK so it doesn’t actually suck but it does leech!


Some experts use the term “hungry water” to refer to distilled or reverse osmosis purified water. This is water that’s been stripped of its natural, beneficial minerals and tries to get back to its “natural state” by leeching copper, brass and aluminum from the internal parts of your coffee or espresso equipment. Over time enough metal can be lost to cause leaks, electrical shorts and boiler damage.


Potential equipment damage is a secondary concern though since “hungry water” also effects taste and aroma. Any coffee product made with distilled or R/O (reverse osmosis) water will tend to be “flat” since taste and aroma molecules can’t completely transfer to water unless minerals are present.


Professional coffee tasters called “cuppers” are employed by major coffee companies. Most agree that filtered tap water is best for coffee, tea and espresso. It’s important not to confuse “filtered” with R/O and distilled because it generally refers to water filtered through a carbon filter. Carbon is a natural material and a carbon block filter contains an extremely dense chunk of carbon and utilizes water pressure to speed up a completely natural process. It’s truly the next best thing to natural water from a deep mountain spring.


Carbon block filters remove taste and smell altering contaminants from water without removing natural, beneficial minerals!


Bottled water (except bottled spring water) is typically just tap water that’s been purified via R/O or distillation. Some do have minerals added back in so if you must use bottled water for coffee beverages make sure it’s either spring water or it says “minerals added for taste” somewhere on the label.


Serious about using the best possible water for coffee beverages you brew at home? Consider a carbon block filtration system installed under your kitchen sink. A good quality filtration system should have a “spec sheet”. You’ll want to check to be sure the system you choose has integrated scale inhibitors to protect your equipment and anti-microbial protection to discourage bacterial growth.


If you’re truly passionate about serving coffee, tea and espresso beverages that are as full, rich, aromatic and flavorful as any coffee bar, kiosk, restaurant or hotel… START WITH THE MOST PERFECT WATER!

Published by Bill Hoover