Hello everyone!

Today I thought I would share the essentials I carry in my bag on a daily basis. The bag I am currently using everyday is a backpack from Rag & Bone. I love backpacks because I don't have to carry them around my arm and they are super cute and easy to style.


I like to carry a card case instead of a big wallet because it is small and compact and carries everything I need. My card case is also from Rag & Bone and it has a really cool print on it. I also carry a small pouch that has all of my coins in them. I am someone who always has gum with them because I like to make sure my breath is fresh. My favorite gum is the sweet mint flavor from Orbit. I also carry Ice Breakers with me incase I'm in the mood for a mint instead of gum. My lips get dry really easily so I have two lip options. The first is a lip oil from Clarins and the second is a lip balm from Khiel's. Sadly I bought these items before I knew they were not cruelty free but I am still using them up so that it wasn't a waste. I also carry a nail set with me because you never know when you might need some tweezers or scissors. This has actually come in hand on multiple occasions. I also have some oil blotting sheets because I can get quite oily throughout the day. Lastly I have some earphones and my phone. My phone case is from Marc Jacobs.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!


Published by Wiona Siedler