Bags play a tremendously important role in every women's life, not just a place where to put our belongings but as a visible fashion accessory. They are also a form of self-expression and cues personal style, as well as an entree to luxury and glamour. For todays blog, I will be sharing with you what's inside my bag when I go out for an event or when I go to the church for Sunday service.

     Most of the time, my bag can also contain food crumbs, panty liners or sanitary napkins and thousands of candy wrappers, but for today's post I thought I’d leave those details out.

Hand bag


     I see a lot of "What's in my bag?" posts, and their bags are the fancy and the extravagant ones. I own several types and colors of bags, but I chose to show this hand bag that I bought in a bazaar near my place, simply because I want to impart to my readers that in buying bags it doesn't always have to be branded or to get the most costly ones. Whatever you think looks good on you will do. It's how you carry it. Carry it with poise and confidence. Go girl!

So, what's inside my bag?

1. Bible

Yes! I always carry a Bible  around me. Its not a secret to everyone that I'm a Christian and a  believer of Christ. 

2. Pens

I work as a nurse and at work, pens are my life, as a result of that I got used to bring pens with me anywhere I go. It  doesn't have to be the expensive ones like the Pilot G-Tec pens. A worth of Php 10.00 pen is fine with me, as long as it can still be used for writing. 


3. Cellphone

Who among you can leave their homes without their cellphones??? Na- uh, not me!


4. Cellphone Charger

It's nonsense that I bring my phone if it has an empty battery, that's why I always bring  my charger with me.

5. Power bank

I'm the type of person who's afraid to get my phone runs out of steam. Just in case I'm in a place when there's no electric socket available. The only way I can get it charged is through my power bank.

6. Car charger

Yes! I'm indeed a cellphone addict. Just in case my power bank ran out life while I'm on a long road trip, I still have a car charger. Hahahaha!


7. Perfumes

Well, we all know that perfumes ensures that you smell good throughout the day. When I go out for an event I normally bring with me two perfumes, and decide what to use a minute before going out of the car. Don't judge, that's really how I am. For now, as seen on the photo above, I'm using the Calvin Klein Eternity perfume spray and one of my favorites, Viva La Juicy perfume that I transferred into a very elegant perfume bottle that I got.

8. Sun Glasses

Considering Philippines is a tropical country, I indeed need to wear sunglasses whenever I go out of the house to protect my eyes from the damaging radiation and ultra violet rays. Aside from that, sunglasses tend to be associated with some degree of “coolness”, they tend to suggest that you’re confident about who you are and that's a good thing.



I'm using a Dior wallet, originally my mom's. Dior is known not only  for its price, but also the durability of their luxurious products. This has been my wallet for almost 5 years already.


Yes, I have an expensive wallet with me, but upon checking, it only has Php 359 ($9) in it. Im rich! Hahaha

10. Coin Purse

My wallet has a space for coins but whenever its been filled up with a lot, it becomes bulky. That's why I use my CMG coin purse. This purse is genuinely special to me since it's given by one of my patients last year as a Christmas gift. 

If you want to purchase one, you can check out their site at


11. Wipes

I need them perpetually for hygienic purposes.

12. Facial Tissue

I mean, just yes. I need them. Always. Specially now that my noses are runnin'.



13. Card Organizer

All the cards/ licenses  are supposed to be in my bag, simple as that. 


14. Hand Cream

I'm using this hand cream from H&M, it's in my bag simply because it prevents my hands from looking wrinkled and dry. 

15. Leave- On Cream

I always bring with me my Cream Silk leave on hair cream to improve the manageability of my hair by making it smoother since I have along thick hair specially that I dont comb it. Ahuh, you read it right.

16. Eyelash Serum

I have this when I go out for the whole day since I put it three times a day.

17. Alcohol

I have a huge alcohol at home that would actually eat space on my bag so I transferred some in a little bottle that I bought from Japan Home Centre. I have this because OBVIOUSLY I put a huge premium on cleanliness.

18. Lotion

Same with my alcohol, I transferred some in a little bottle. This keep my skin moisturized all the time specially my knees and elbows.


19. Make up Bag

I'm a girl, evidently I have make up on my bag for retouches. Inside my cosmetic bag from CLN, you can find my Nivea lip balm which I need since my lips are always dry, Wet N Wild lipstick ( Just Peachy), Maybelline's Color Elixir (Orange Aglow), KJM Cheek and Lip tint (Dolled), Ever Bilena face powder (natural) , Care line oil control blush on (pinkish blush) and Etude house's color eye stick. 

If you’re still reading hope you’ve enjoyed todays post. What are your bag necessities that you can’t leave the house without?

Love, xoxo


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