This is my bag and it's fell with my stuff. Well let’s see what’s in it.

I have three lip balms and some hand lotion. I have a ton of lip balms. My mom once commented that you know you’re at my place if there is lip balms everywhere. So of course, I have three lip balms in one bag, because one obviously isn’t enough. (Irony might accrue)

 Having a hand lotion is really convenient Especially during the winter or when travelling. I hate having dry hands and not being able to do anything about it. It can really ruin my day.

This is also a convenient two hand hygiene gels. I started having these in my bag after being on a holiday in Norway. This winter and spring, I have use a lot of gel after using public transport or after sneezing.

I did not know this was in my bag. I have thought about where it was. But yeah apparently I have a USB stick in my bag… For some reason.
I found 40 cent (euro) and 5 korun (the currency in Czech Republic) in my bag. They must have fallen out of my wallet. And then my wallet and a bottle of water. I don’t normally have a bottle of water in my bag.

This was the things I had in my bag. I this you all a good Tuesday

Your Scandi friend.

Published by Amalie Ingvorsen