Bangkok is undeniably one of the most visited cities in South-East Asia. The capital city of Thailand is considered to be an exotic destination, particularly for the honeymoon-goers. While the place definitely offers some really worth-experiencing romantic escapades, the one factor that really contributes to the growth in the tourism industry of this city is the affordability.

For Indians and other Asians, the Thai currency, Baht, isn’t really very expensive and hence, more and more people looking for an international holiday experience are enquiring about Thailand tour packages from Chennai and other places in India.

Bangkok, in particular, is a favored destination in Thailand for the affordability factor. As a matter of fact, tourists can experience some of the most exotic and memorable experiences in Bangkok at very affordable prices. Here is how you can make your Bangkok holiday truly memorable, without spending a lot of money!

Shopping doesn’t Get Any Better than at Bangkok

Hosting some of the largest markets in the world, Bangkok is no less than a shoppers’ paradise. The Chatuchak Weekend Market is the best example of the Bangkok’s shopping scenes. The narrow corridors of the market have everything on sale, from some of the most beautiful souvenirs to custom-made leather goods. This place is quite ideal for buying gifts for your loved ones back home, as this market has the most authentic Thai products. There is practically nothing you can’t buy here at pretty low prices.

Exquisite Display of Modern Art

If art is your cup of tea, you can catch a glimpse of some of the most beautiful displays of contemporary arts at the Arts and Culture Center of Bangkok. The unique thing about this art museum is that it houses artwork of some famous foreign artists as well. Along with cafes, boutiques, and private art galleries, this place can be a great destination for aspiring students of art.

Spirituality – the Essence of Bangkok

The Erawan Shrine, located at the intersection of Bangkok’s main shopping district, offers memorable religious and peaceful experiences at absolutely no cost. Just like any other aspect of Bangkok, the system of offering prayers is nothing mediocre. You can join the crowds to make incense and can even hire Thailand’s dancers to accompany you in your prayers.

How About a Photo Break?

The sleepy town of Ekkamai has more to it than appealing nature. It is home to House of Lucie’s free exhibitions that display photographs captured by famous people, like Steve McCurry and Elliott Erwitt. The gallery encourages local talent and the best part is the display is updated very regularly.

The other India

For those who have taken Thailand tour packages from Chennai, the beautiful town of Soi Pan in Silom is just like home away from home. Declared officially as India Town, this beautiful place in Bangkok has the renowned Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple, along with some popular Indian eateries that will make you feel completely at home.

Then there is Chinatown

Heavily laced with the smell of herbal medication, Bangkok’s Chinatown is in all reality a sensory experience for tourists that they can enjoy without spending any money. The Yaowarat Road in this town is particularly famous for its shops that sell Chinese food ingredients and Chinese clothing. The street food here is also quite popular.

Considering the above aspects of Bangkok, it can be safely said that it is a beautiful, yet the affordable place for tourists to enjoy their holiday, experiencing a new culture and a new lifestyle. Of course, it is these experiences that build you as a person, and when these experiences come at hardly any price, you better not wait to book your holiday!




Published by Zachary McGavin