Ps 105 “God’s Flash Drive”

One of the ways in today’s world that we can save and retrieve data to be used later is a flash drive for our computer.  You can have it easily retrievable or encrypt it. God’s Word is like a flash drive that you can insert into your computer, retrieve the data and read it. It is readily available for anyone seeking and pondering Him. When you open it you will find words of wisdom; instructions for life, words of reproof, words of correction, and the training manual for righteousness. David didn’t have a flash drive nor a computer but he has left us what would be on it if he did and the marvelous treasure is that we can open it and read it along with him and the best part it is not encrypted!  It was his “flash drive” of how to praise God.

 David’s Flash Drive data a.k.a. Psalm 105:  “T-T-S-S”

  1. T = Thanks!  Vs. 1  Pray and give thanks to the Lord; Call on his name; Sing to him. May God be on our lips first. 
  2. T= Tell!  Tell ourselves to recall all He has done for us. Share with another about  what God has done in your life or keep a journal of what God has brought about.
  3. S= Sing! Sing to him! Make music to him! What hymn or praise song comes to mind as you are reading this post?
  4. S= Seek! Seek the Lord and rejoice, seek his strength, seek him continually.

So what’s on your flash drive?


Published by Gaye Austin