Alright, ladies! We are addressing the questions you had in mind since the time you became style conscious and saw sarees-wearing junta flocking around. If your mother, chachi, nani, mausi or mami was wearing a saree, you could tell that the day was different and not certainly a routine one. 
We will definitely come to the questions that people ask you when you wear a saree but right now, let us just have a look at the reasons that attribute and designate saree to a special place. 

Saree is feminine!

Meant for every body type, a saree enhances your curves. A saree suits everybody, a size 16, a size zero and everything in between. Sizes, anyway, have been a western concept and Indian culture embraces values and respects all.

Saree means celebrations!

We are talking about that Bharatsthali saree of your mother that only comes out of wraps on the birthdays and anniversaries. The comfy yet beautiful cotton sarees that you only get to unpack on casual functions. Indeed a saree means celebrations and special occasions. A saree is for special times when you would like to look special for something special or someone special! Unless of course, if you are wearing a saree on a daily basis, as prevalent in Rajasthan and Gujarat. 

Saree highlights and saree hides. 

The stubborn abdominal flab and the thunder thighs that make you feel uncomfortable in a western dress don’t pose a threat in a saree. If you are petite and you think other Indian dresses such as a salwar suit don’t suit you, give saree a shot! 

A saree isn’t just a fabric wrapped around your body and around the waist, it is a journey of an evolution that starts from one’s cultural roots. Your mother learned the art of saree draping from her mother and your daughter is going to grasp the skill from you. A saree takes you on a trip down the memory lane and marks the transition to womanhood, which is only meant to be beautiful and nothing else. 

A saree is versatile. 

Be it a social occasion where near and dear ones are meeting after years, a formal setting with board members and executives or a casual get together with your friends in the evening, a saree complements every occasion and can be picked as the #dressoftheday without giving it a second thought! 

A saree is vibrant.

Of course! A saree breaks the monotony of greys and blacks in your wardrobe. Coming in a variety of colours, sarees are like a rainbow that never fades. In fact, you have sarees like Dharmavaram that exhibits double-shaded pallu in mute solid colours.
A saree never goes out of fashion! 
You bet! Chances are the blouse designs in trend today bounced back from your grandmother’s era! I remember my friends swooning over the zari saree my mother wore on her marriage. The cold shoulder blouses and tasseled sarees are yesteryears’ Bollywood fashion that our celebrities are sporting nowadays and making us go gaga over their look!

Published by Shaifali Payal