If you're anything like me, you practically live on social media apps. From updating your status to tweeting about that new band you discovered, you just can't seem to stop!

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Snapchat, etc. have changed the way people communicate with others as well as how we interact with the world around us. We have a username and fake picture we can hide behind, allowing us to be whoever we want to be. We can communicate with celebrities like we couldn't do before. Share our political opinions with people around the world and educate those who may not know better. We can learn about cultures from people living there rather than from a classroom. Social media has definitely changed the game.

On Twitter this past week, there were a few dozen trends that were very similar to each other. #GrowingUpTall, #GrowingUpWithThickHair, #GrowingUpWatchingWWE...the trend took over Twitter in a matter of hours. People came up with various tags that people seemed to be able to relate to. Whether it was about growing up shy (like I certainly did) or being a part of a fandom, the trends grew and grew in number. The question is: why did these trends catch on so easy.

If you know anything about social media, or know anyone that has an account, you know that it treated as a safe zone on a public platform. Many users use the sites as a way to share parts of themselves they are either too shy to share in real life or are unable to share. With trends like these, they realize that there are people like them out in the real world. They aren't alone in their struggles they had growing up. 

This over-sharing done on social media is caused, ironically, by technology. People don't connect with the people around them like was done prior to the internet. Cell phones have taken over dinner time conversation. Talking to strangers on social media has replaced making friends.

Now I can hardly be one to complain. I mean, I am writing a blog currently while I'm looking at my Twitter. The internet brings many great things as well as negative. Communication is faster and easier now. There is a fine line though. Maybe spend one day without updating your blog, status, or checking your Instagram. Talk to your kids, parents and friends. You won't regret it! Xx

Published by Caitlyn Booth