Hiya Guys, hope your week is going well so far,The other day I was introduced to Personal Capital and decided to make my very own Growing Up Checklist of things I want to do before I’m done my 20’s and 30’s, and not just about where I would love to go on holiday but the financial side as well, which I thought would be a really interesting post to do! you can check out Personal Capital’s easy-to-use wealth management tool to manage your wealth and take control of your finances! I thought it would be fun to share with you guys what I want to check off my list, and for you to share with me what you have on your list too!

I don’t know about you but when I was a little girl I loved playing with my Barbie’s, testing out crazy makeup, such as that bright blue eyeshadow of course haha. I always remember being so excited every time it was getting near my birthday, as I always wanted to be one year older then I was. It always seemed so cool to get older and be able to do more things, my dad always use to tell me “don’t wish your life away”, I never really understood what he meant until now.IMG-20151126-WA0018.jpg

I am 20 years old, finished my second year of university and haven’t lived with my parents for two years. I’m not going to lie I love it! The independency is great, I feel like I have learnt so much, also I have grown up into a proper adult (almost) I met my best friends the second day I moved to University, I even met my boyfriend the second day too, I can stay up as late as I want, eat what I want, go wherever I want I am very lucky and happy with life right now!Snapchat-8771452671394352438.jpg

But, yes there is a but! Growing up and living away from your family gives you a lot more responsibilities such as paying bills, buying your own food, getting yourself a job and plenty of other things you have to worry about. University costs a lot of money ill warn you of that now! And I really think it helps to have a plan for the future to remind you of what you need to do! Such as a to do list this is mine, to mix it up a bit I also went and added a few things I want to do in life too…stressed-student

  1. Paying back my Overdraft: Sadly, as I am not rich I did have to take an overdraft out on my student account. This was simply to help pay my student houses and it really has helped me out soooooo much! But I do have to remind myself I need to pay this back too.
  2. Paying my student loans: Okay as student fees in the UK is £9000 a year! A year people!! I may never be able to pay off my three years unless I become very rich, but it’s worth a try once my job starts to earn a certain amount money will start to go out of my account each month.
  3. New York: This has always been a big dream of mine ever since I was in high school, the city looks incredible and I am so jealous of anyone who lives there! I mean why wouldn’t you want to live there?
  4. Learning how to save: Yep I am 20 and still don’t know how to save any money, ever since I was little I would always spend money as soon as I see it (slightly my problem now), but as I get older I have learnt I need to pay certain bills first before I spend any cash, all I need to do now is put that money into a savings account.
  5. Scuba Diving; I am obsessed with the ocean and what it has to offer, so many wonderful creatures living in the sea, and one day I want to see them for myself not just on the TV programmes I watch. To scuba dive and be able to see what is under the ocean would make me very happy, even more happier if I got to see a whale especially an Orca!
  6. Financially Stable: I have never been crazy about money or wanted to be rich, but I would love to be comfortable with money. I’d be very happy if I had a good stable job that wouldn’t keep me worrying about how much money I might not have, I mean being a student at the moment worrying about money is all I do.
  7. My own family: I’m sure most girls have thought about this ever since they were little to have their own family. For me in the future, I would love to be married (possible on a beach haha) to settle down, have 1 maybe 2 children and be comfortable and happy with life.
  8. Dream Job: mine would be an editor of a magazine, I love to write it’s what I have always done ever since I was little. And to share my ideas and words in a magazine would be amazing, I love writing this blog and still so happy that people read what I have to say (Thank You) so to be and editor of a magazine is a massive dream.

    Well that was my list, a bit detailed I know haha, but I hope to get the financial side of my list sorted first, as you need money to do the others! For me I like being an adult, and I’ve liked growing up as it makes you who you are, I have so many more things to learn in life too. I can’t wait to create more memories and meet amazing people throughout my life.

    I would really love to know how you find it growing up and becoming an adult, also if you have your own checklist  and memories share it with me! You can comment in the box down below or even email me at fluidlifee@outlook.com

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Published by Brogan Jones