Recently a good friend of mine brought something very important to my attention.

Wearing fashionable clothes while using a wheelchair is not easy, especially if you have splints or casts on you legs.  It can get very limiting.

So after throwing a few ideas around, I came up with 3 baseline outfits which can be mixed and matched easily.


We came up with a formula.....

1. shorter jackets that are shorter at the back so you don't end up sitting on them

2. bootleg pants

3. separates so the wearer has more freedom of movement





I really like this outfit because not only is it separates, giving more comfort, but it is also very elegant.  The skirts (either skirt) covers the legs and any casts or boots.

I chose the jacket because it is shorter at the back and longer at the front, so the wearer doesn't end up sitting on it which is annoying and limits movement.  Having the jacket longer at the front is also flattering as it shows off a waist and streamlines the body's shape as the wearer sits down.

The top is elegant and colourful making a fashion statement as well.


Semi formal

This outfit is fabulous for any age really as the top has a touch of leather and is cropped, so movement as always is important.  The pants are a bootleg which will cover any extra leg wear and the top can be worn tucked in or just out for added movement.

I like the mix of textures as well as it gives a subtle modern edge to the overall look.



I like this outfit for it's comfort and style, you can easily fit any splints or casts under bootleg pants.  The shirt should be a stretch cotton and the cute cardigan can be worn open or buttoned up.  Leave the shirt hanging out for that extra bit of colour.

Also accessorise with any of these outfits using costume jewellery to bring extra colour into the ensemble.  Costume jewellery is so cheap these days and can really liven up a look.


Till next blog

Suuze xx

Published by Susan Crowe