‘Her son is barely 6 months and she’s pregnant again?’

‘I used to think she would be one who understands what child spacing mean?’

‘Child spacing??? Her first child was just 8 months when she had her second.’

‘Jesus! She is so shameful to womanhood.’

‘I even used to think she is a career woman and would take time to pursue her career instead of birthing up and down like a dog. She just used marriage to put a full stop to her career.’

‘So disgusting.’




After listening on this conversation, I was closed to tears. Thousands of women out there are dying in so much pain just to get pregnant once in their life. Some are wishing they could have a miscarriage just to prove to the world that they are not barren. Others have been married to different men just to be sure they are not the ones with the ‘problem’. And then someone is having an easy birth…without complications…in her own husband house…she is not a single mother…and some people are bashing her simply because she has refused to space her kids to their own satisfaction!


For goodness sake!


Before I decided to share this post, I was going to read on the pros and cons of child spacing as I am yet to walk through that path. But then I thought against it and decided to be subjective about this post. It really disgusts me when people try to help others define how they should live their lives – read Do not Cast the Stone Except…


A little humor…

Even the bible said in Genesis 1:28 – God blessed them; and Godsaid to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” 


I think the reason why some people have decided to ‘be fruitful and multiply’ quickly is just so they can fulfill that life purpose as soon as they can and have time for other things in their life.



Besides, so many people have waited this long to have sex and I bet they can’t keep their hands off themselves hence the immediate pregnancy shortly after the birth of another…


Asides these, I feel everyone is entitled to what they choose to do with their womb as long as there is no threat to their health. But if you have an uncomplicated delivery- healthy mother healthy child, my sister, please carry on. Nothing do you.


Or would you support abortion???


If your answer to this is NO, then let people breathe and enjoy their marriage in peace. If they can take care of the kids without your help, how then should it be a shameful thing or an headache to you?


Kindly join the discussion, I look forward to reading your thoughts on this.

Published by Akingboye Deborah