'A heartwarming story of the beauty a grandma and grandchild can both see in the world. The perfect gift for grandparent or grandchild to share.

There is magic in everything.
The world is a spinning star,
No matter how old you are.

This heartwarming, tender story is a magical gift for a grandparent or child.'

This book was absolutely beautiful.

This wonderful little books is a pure celebration of the unique and special bond that is shared between a grandparent and grandchild.

This fantastic book is beautifully illustrated by David Litchfield. Andy Stanton and David Litchfield are the perfect team. David's wonderful illustrations perfectly compliment Andy's story taking this amazing book to a whole new level. This inspired pairing really brings this book to life.

Reading this book honestly filled my with utter joy. As the story takes the reader on a journey through love, hope, magic and the beauty of the world both in the past and present, you can't help absorbing the pure joy that radiates off the pages.

The musical writing of this book makes it the perfect read aloud story for children and their families. I can easily see this book becoming a family favourite. It is book likes these that make me wish I had a child to share it with.

I have already made a list of the children in my life who will be receiving a copy of this magical little book. If you have a young reader in your life get them this book. Every child deserves to experience the love and magic of this heartwarming book.

When I Was A Child by Andy Stanton and David Litchfield is an absolute must have for all young readers.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker