The fourth standalone book in 'The Heart Of The City' series.

When Sammi Shorten's gap year turns into three years on her parents couch, she knows she need to change. Determined to start living her life, Sammi spontaneously books a budget Bellissimo Tour to Rome. Her Roman getaway turn out to be the trip from hell when she is saddled with a crew of binge-drinking foreigners in a derelict, bed bug infested hostel. Her disastrous holiday leaves her with no other option; she must turn to gorgeous local tour guid Marcello Bambozzi for help. Can Marcello turn her Roman holiday around, or is Sammi in more trouble then she realises?

I absolutely adored this book.

C.J. Duggan is fast becoming one of my favourite Author's. Her writing is beautiful and really transports the reader. I always find myself emotionally connecting to at least one of her characters.

C.J. Duggan's ability to create such relatable characters really helps to enhance the romance and erotic elements of this book. The emotions that these characters display radiate off the pages, making for a really emotional and endearing reading experience.

I loved the relationship between Sammi and Marcello, the connection that was built and the banter they shared really helped to solidify the bond between these two characters. I also loved the fact that we got to catch up with Claire and Louis from 'Paris Lights'. I really enjoyed the relationship between Sammi and Claire and I am so glad we got the chance to see how Claire and Louis relationship has progressed.

C.J. Duggan's writing is always amazing and When In Rome is no different. The descriptive almost cinematic writing really captures the city of Rome. I loved seeing Rome from both a tourist's and local's perspectives, it was both exciting and overwhelming.

When In Rome by C.J. Duggan is a fantastic read that you will get lost in, trust me you wont want it to end.

Bring on the fifth installment of 'The Heart In The City' series.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker